The Chinese Made Toy Recalls at Mattel

The Chinese Made Toy Recalls at Mattel Essay example
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Student Name: Course Name: Instructor Name: Date: (A1) In my opinion, the issue of toy quality and safety was not a significant concern to Mattel because at the moment, in the 1980s, Mattel “video games and other non-toy business interests began generating large revenue losses” (The Chinese-Made Toy Recalls at Mattel Inc.,174); the company was under pressure of bankruptcy, and enforcing strict quality controls was perhaps not as important as creating profits was.


Any toy quality/safety problems could be overcome by making manufacturing changes. The article also mentions that there was “lax regulatory enforcement,” (The Chinese-Made Toy Recalls at Mattel Inc., 179) in the factories that Mattel had set up in China, which often meant that“these laws were routinely ignored” (The Chinese-Made Toy Recalls at Mattel Inc., 179); problems of toy quality and safety could clearly be avoided if there was stricter control and supervision of product quality in these factories. Also, this problem of safety and quality could be eliminated if Mattel had developed its Global Manufacturing Principles before it had started a supply chain trading partnership with China, and ensured that the Chinese industries followed the rules and regulations of the GMP and terminating the partnership in case the Chinese did not follow the rules. (A2) Mattel made a number of positive responses to the toy recalls that largely had the impact of improving its public image and in winning back its good reputation. ...
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