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Accessibility Impacts of China’s High-Speed Rail Network - Essay Example

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According to Cao et al, accessibility is the extent to which land-use and transport systems enable groups of individuals to reach activities or destinations by means of a combination of transport modes…

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Accessibility Impacts of China’s High-Speed Rail Network

In research, the effects and impacts of accessibility of a new mode of transport is shown through the social and economic effects of the new infrastructure. Therefore, High Speed Rail as a mode of transport and a form of infrastructure has both social and economic effects. For instance, China’s High-Speed rail network (HSR) is a national accessibility system that has had complex impacts on the social and economic livelihood of the people of China. In accessibility analysis, it is important in determining the effects of a HSR network and can be done through many ways. However, one key method in which it can be done is through location-based measure. Location-based measure is an approach in which three common indicators are used and they include potential accessibility, contour measure or daily or integral accessibility, and weighted average travel time or location indicator. Previous researchers in European cities have applied accessibility measure in evaluation of HSR effects. For example, in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Korea among other countries, potential accessibility indicators were used to determine the cities that benefited, as well as, lost directly and indirectly with respect to a new HSR line. In Korea, an accessibility analysis was carried out in the Seoul metropolitan area. It is, therefore, clear that accessibility measures are widely used tools in assessing the impact of rail systems. ...
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