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Starbucks and Internationalization Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction Starbucks has managed to change its operation and increased its penetration to the international markets. Several market opportunity exist in the international market that could be exploited by the restaurant firm and develop the necessary expansion strategies of the company.


The reduction of the outlet performance due to overcrowding is evident is some parts of the US while in other towns it does not exist making the process complex because of reduced performance of the outlets. In fact, the creation of many outlets in an area reduced the incomes of the outlets by sharing the market among the outlets. The faster rate of growth was affected by the global financial crisis which affected the buying power of the consumers. The development of a strong brand presence and image improved its market share. The green and white package makes Starbucks product identification simple and attractive (Allen, 2010, p. 56). Some customers in the survey of the product indicated their purchase is based on package and not the contents. The provision of diverse range of beverage products offered a platform for growth and expansion. Consequently, the performance of the outlets has increased over the last decade making Starbucks the fastest growing brand in the market. The analysis of the company will cover issues of emerging markets, growth strategies, and regional economic and political integration. Likewise, the issues of culture in business performance will be addressed in the process to establish the best possible expansion criteria or process to be employed by the company. ...
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