Marketing Campaign for a Successful Product Launch

Marketing Campaign for a Successful Product Launch Book Report/Review example
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Institution Name Course Instructor Date Executive Summary Samsung is a big company in the electronic industry. Their entry into the mobile phones industry has seen them grow their image as a globally recognized brand by producing high-end mobile phone devices.


This report seeks to explain two important promotional tools, advertising and sales promotion that will be utilized in the successful launch the Samsung Galaxy III mini smartphone. Marketing Campaign for a Successful Product Launch A product launch whether for a new or existing product is a very important stage in the product’s life cycle. It is important that the launch of a product to be spectacular as it is a determinant whether the product will be successful in the market or not (Richardson, 2010). This is a key process especially when the market is saturated. The tasks sometimes overwhelm considering the number of factors that need to be put into consideration such as schedules, deadlines, stakeholders, and several endless tasks. However, the important aspect is that if the campaign is successful then the rewards are worth the trouble. Marketing Campaign Marketing campaign is what separates market leaders from slow growing companies (Shimp, 2010). Three very crucial roles that businesses have to perfect for it to become successful in the market include advertising, marketing, and promotion (Lamb, et al., 2008). Another, important thing marketers need to understand is that, marketing campaigns are not instant but, are composed of well thought ideas, detailed planning, research, and finally coming up with a grand idea (The Entrepreneur, 2013). ...
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