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Public Relations [Author] [Institution] Introduction The goal and objective of every organization is to escalate business endeavors. Engaging employees in the organizational tasks for the optimization of business endeavors is the foremost important thing for the organizations.


The importance of public relations is necessary in all kinds of organizations as mainly synergy between organizational goals with employees performance is important. Organizations that spend time and money on public relations are deemed to be more successful in the industry (Travis, 2012). There are two mainstream dimensions of public relations; organizational functions and societal functions. The organizational function basically discusses the relationships of employees and stakeholder within the firm. The establishment of systems and frameworks that would assist in the communication of employees and would allow them to bond vividly in the organizational tasks is organizational functions. The societal functions basically discusses that what organization is giving to the society and how is it responding to them. Use of media or any other channel that would address masses is the societal dimension of public relations (Stacks, 2010). The purpose of this paper is to exemplify about public relations and its components. Present precise picture about the proceedings of public relations and how it is benefiting the organizations. Organizational Function The main purpose of organizational functions of public relations remains to enhance the profitability of the organization. ...
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