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Career Planning Soon after my course in Msc Strategic Marketing at Imperial College, I would like to begin my carrier as a Market Researcher, a person who is responsible for collecting and analyzing information from the marketing field. This is only my short term plan that might extend up to three four years after my course.


The duties of a Market Researcher almost match with my work interests. The job is almost all about dealing with data. This involves planning, control, implementation, reports, and analysis. To be specific, it involves the study of what people buy, require, think, and do. And the findings of such study usually help companies to identify the factors affecting product demand and also the potential markets of the firm. I am genuinely good at studying the client related topics and also advising the related people about making use of the research findings. I am aware of the possible challenges associated with meeting this plan. I have studied Accounting and Finance as main subjects but if I want to concentrate on the Marketing field, I have to develop qualities like good communication skill, awareness of the latest trends, and also should be familiar with the latest technologies. Minimum knowledge in psychology is also needed while handling the issues of different people. I admit that my knowledge and experience with regard to HR and consumer behaviour is incomplete or unsatisfying and therefore I will have to face more challenges. When I started working in the banking field, I could realize that I had much more to learn and expertise in marketing strategy. ...
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