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Marketing Customer inserts his/her name Institution’s name The message The aim of this message is to show my boss the progress of the work. Progress will be measured in terms of compliance of the progress on site with the schedule. The schedule will be shown with a blue line on the graph of calendar days vs.


The float time shall be analyzed and tracked while bottlenecks shall be identified and explained. Furthermore, any activities that result in wastage of time shall be eliminated. Also, activities that can be done simultaneously shall be grouped for quick results. The desired result of the message is to be able to graphically demonstrate that I have been successful in complying with the schedule. Furthermore, the message shall invite feedback from the audience regarding which activities need to be grouped or which need to be eliminated. This shall ensure that there is communication between my boss and myself. Not only will it allow my boss to keep track of the direction I’m taking in my work but also allow him to provide feedback for the work I’ve completed. This shall further allow him/her to make recommendations for any improvements which I can incorporate in my project to complete it on time. Any bottlenecks shall be identified to which improvements shall be made over time. Although the message is complete in itself, it shall serve as the building block for future discussions. The intended audience The intended audience is my boss. Assuming that I work in a construction firm as a construction manager, and I am presenting the results of my team before the general manager. ...
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