Case Study Analysis: Alpen Bank

Case Study Analysis: Alpen Bank Case Study example
Case Study
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The first part of the case study deals with the SWOT Analysis of the Alpen Bank. SWOT Analysis is an important element for strategic planning. SWOT Analysis will help to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Alpen bank.


• The loyalty of the affluent customers is the biggest strength of the company. The bank has been successful in providing satisfaction to the customers through its excellent services.
• The bank provides premium banking service to its customers. It is one of the leading international service providers which have presently expanded its operations in more than twenty different locations in Europe.
• Apart from various kinds of deposit and advance schemes, Alpen Bank offers wide range of financial products and services including wealth management services, financial planning and various investment products to its customers.
• The bank has organized a new leadership team with all experienced and talented members. The main focus of this team is to provide the customers with innovative services and also access operations to various new growth market segments.
• As the affluent customers are the suitable and easier segment for targeting, it helps in bringing higher revenue to the bank. The bank provides services to the customers, which is less price-sensitive and easily attracts the rich and the wealthy section of the society.
• Alpen bank promotes credit cards consistently. This concept is attractive and easily acceptable in most of the developed European countries.

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