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Summary – Journal of Advertising Article – Review – Journal of Advertising This article named “Journal of Advertising” written by Taiwanese writer named Chingching Chang was composed for Taiwanese University. The article focuses on advertising subject and has an abstract and well - defined content.


The article focuses on the point that the imagery advertisement has far more result producing than verbal form of advertisement. The article also pinpoints on the product evaluation factor in advertisement as it reveals the attributes of a product to the consumer. The author here is trying to put the fact in the mind of the reader that image fluency is the right way to trigger expectation and dreams in the mind of ad viewers. The article propagates that advertising narratives and mental stimulation are essential factors in advertising. However, highly imaginary advertisement can dilute the very essence of the ad and create uneven results. The author writes that cognitive functioning of an ad viewer helps him in processing information through ad images. Perceptual fluency, Conceptual fluency ,Comprehension fluency , Imagery fluency is also described here , that which helps in recalling information and images related to an advertisement subject. The author also scientifically projects an experiment where the imagery and personal depiction of advertisement is analyzed. The experiment is scientific ,although a common reader could get confused along the way. With questionnaire and equation in the experiment, the author has concluded that human process advertisement information by cognitive stimuli and subjective processing. ...
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