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Case Analysis.Sustainable Development Case Study example
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Sustainable Development Name of the student University Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Corporate Social Responsibility 4 Sustainable Management Solutions of Saipem 5 Results of the Initiative by Saipem 8 Triple Bottom Line Theory & its Impact 9 Introduction: World Business Council for Sustainable Development World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a global association which constitutes of more than 200 international companies (WBSCD, 2013b).


It also helps in suggesting best business practices on various issues on variety of platforms like government, non government and inter-governmental organizations (WBSCD, 2013c). The main objectives of the association are as follows: To be one of the leading business that advocate on matters like sustainable development To actively participate in policy development and in development of the right kind of framework that helps in making an effective contribution in sustainable human progress To develop and promote the business case for sustainable development To demonstrate the business contributions to the development of sustainable business solutions and sharing the knowledge among the members (WBSCD, 2013d). To contribute towards a sustainable future for developing nations The association helps in bringing the forward thinking companies together that help in reshaping the global business community and in creating a sustainable future for society, business and environment. ...
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