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Marketing Research Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Report Proposal 3 Marketing Research Report 4 Introduction 4 Sampling 4 Data Collection 5 Questionnaire Survey 6 Data Findings and Analysis 6 Conclusion 20 Reference List 21 Appendix 22 Appendix I – Questionnaire 22 Appendix II - Responses of the Students 24 Report Proposal An institution is meant for imparting quality education to the students.


among others. Therefore, it is essential for the universities to investigate about the perception of students regarding their offerings. In-depth knowledge about the perception and experience of students will allow universities to bring in necessary changes in the education pattern and syllabus. In this report, the perception of students about the offerings of University of Wolverhampton will be identified. In order to identify the same, this study will undertake both primary as well as secondary research. The secondary research will be done with the help of books, journal articles, newspaper and other authentic electronic sources. On the contrary, the primary research will be carried out with the help of survey process. The research instrument to be used for collecting the data from the respondents will be questionnaire. The reason behind employing questionnaire for the purpose of collection raw data is that it will allow smoother collection of bulk data (Coombs and Hull, 1998; Hesse-Biber, 2011). Moreover, the cost to be incurred and time required for the survey will be comparatively less. ...
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