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Essay Product Assessment: The Dying of the Fax Machines Professor’s name Marketing Your name July 2013 The dying of the Fax machines Advanced technology and fast communication are death blows to some products that by now are rendered obsolete. This essay specifically refers to the usage of Fax Machines.


Fax machines had been very popular in offices and at home for transmitting messages anywhere for some time. According to coupon. website, an environmentalist group, there are about 46.3 million fax machines in the world, most of which are held in the United States, Japan, Germany, France and UK (in that order) . This group is worried on the environmental effect of the staggering amount of paper consumed by the operation which they presumed to reach 853 miles of paper or approx. 1.373 kilometers and an impact to 2 million trees used for paper. It was once an important piece of technology that is attached to a telephone. However it is now considered by several analysts as an outdated technology that has many flaws. In the office setting, it is considered as a security risk for information and one that consumes a lot of money and materials. Due to other available means of communication, the fax machine is now suffering from a steady decline. For instance, as cited by Nick Staffeiri (April 9, 2010), law firms in Philadelphia have decreased its facsimile usage by about 55 to 70% from previous years due to electronic preference of documents than paper. ...
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