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Essay: MARKETING Name of the Student University Introduction The product selected for essay is the famous Tide detergent brand. Tide is a Procter & Gamble (P&G) product which is sold in United States (US) and has strong opportunities of sale in foreign markets also.


The essay elaborates the marketing mix of Tide along with the target market. Tide has adopted many marketing strategies in order to keep their market share. Few of the strategies are discussed in the essay. Not only in US the brand has captured other market too by its products and has been successfully penetrating more areas which are not yet tapped by the brand. Tide has tapped foreign market like India (Loudon, 2002). Tide has targeted their customers and positioned the products in such a way that they have made their products a unique one among the mass. Tide has also faced with environmental issues in foreign markets which have been discussed in the section. Product Overview Tide detergent powder is a well known brand in the detergent industry which was first introduced in 1946. It is the market leader in 23 countries worldwide. Tide is regarded as P & G’s flagship brand. It was first introduced in US market as the synthetic detergent for heavy-duty and machine cleaning. Tide has initially started with white powdered bead but later it has included orange tinged liquid form in 1984. Today both the non-ultra and ultra products are dark blue in color with an exception of the product Tide Free which is clear in color. Tide had introduced a large array of products such as Tide Liquid, Tide with Febreze Freshness, Tide Powder, Tide Coldwater and many more. ...
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