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Globalisation and Marketing

During this period, the concept of globalization has a significant focus on aspect of money, and this was perceived in two perspectives, which entailed multiplication of international trade and increasing tide of migrant populations. On the other hand, there are two purposes for establishment of globalization, whereby it was meant to facilitate development of economic theories, which would promote world trade. This development had a significant impact on marketing research firms due to associated explicit footnote regarding economic production and global division of labor. On the other hand, from the perspective of globalization, there were principles of impartiality, which led to establishment of commercial development and international trade and this influenced the marketing firms positively. For instance, it led to establishment of new marketing strategies to deal with the newly developed global market in order to increase profitability from international trade (Williamson, 1998). Furthermore, globalization led to economic development of the developing nations, thereby leading to establishment of Theory of Comparative Advantage, which was enjoyed by performance in these marketing research firms; in fact, they derived more benefit compare to protectionist policies, which focused on peoples living statues and quality of their economic growth (Williamson, 1998). ...
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Explain the concept of the globalization-online era and its impact on marketing research firms. The concept of globalization was established during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, which refers to years between 1850 and 1914 (Williamson, 1998)…
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