Learning Theories and Learning Styles

Learning Theories and Learning Styles Essay example
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Apart from learning programs, learning styles are the most appropriate ways that people are able to learn and incorporate information and learning situations and be able to implements the information acquired effectively.


Learning theories and learning styles

Learning theories are described as frameworks that explain modes and ways in which information is processed, absorbed and retained when tutoring or receiving information. Before generating a learning theory, Brown & Ryoo (2008) argue that environmental cognitive and emotional influences should be effectively considered. The authors also point out that past experiences in a learner’s life should also be considered. All these factors are impactful when understanding the way in which views and understanding are changed or acquired as well enabling one to know the ways in which knowledge can be retained (Radin, 2009). When developing learning theories, De Jong (2010) argues that it is more advantageous to study the fluctuating factors in the learner than studying the environment. Additionally, the author sensitizes on the need to study the complexities in the human memory to generate effective and appropriate learning theories. Compare different learning styles Development of learning styles is based on the ability and preferences of different individuals.
According to Keefe & Jenkins (2008) development of learning styles became a need since different learners displayed different forms in the way they understood and retained information. The authors further argue that the mode and way of teaching cannot be generalized to fit the preferences of all students. For this reason, educators and educational institutions have come up with learning curriculums that incorporate different learning styles. ...
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