To develop a "marketing Plan" for expanding a product or service into a new market (Wal-Mart)

To develop a "marketing Plan" for expanding a product or service into a new market (Wal-Mart) Assignment example
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The report is designed to create a marketing plan for the Wal-Mart for expanding its retail chain in the promising market of UAE. The report has involved research on the importance of low-cost retailer in the emerging market of UAE.


The people belongs to different countries have different cultural values therefore it is very difficult to analyze various cultures in a single region. Still UAE has got its own cultural values but it is limited to the 20% of the total population. The marketers need to update their strategies by analyzing the changing trends in the consumer behavior. It is difficult to analyze the culture of several nations in a single market and made decision according to the need of each and every segment. Thus the focus of the marketers is completely on the buying behavior of consumers and customer satisfaction. The rate of urban population in UAE is more then 80% so it can be said that a major portion of the population is based on the educated people. Social media have become very much influential in the consumer decision making among UAE population. According to the research it has been found out that more then 70% of the population of UAE makes decision after reviewing the blogs or comments of people about the product or service and people search the products through websites and make decisions (RNCOS, 2012). Most of the people in UAE prefer to save the money and lives in UAE with the purpose of earning and saving money, so in this kind of environment Wal-Mart will be attractive because it offers low prices then competitor’s prices. The cost conscious behavior of the UAE population will give a great advantage to Wal-Mart to develop its market. ...
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