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Free cash flow model of valuation estimates value of a firm based on its fundamentals. The company is expected to pay its shareholders based on intrinsic value of the firm. In addition, this value is reflected by net present cash flow. It’s

Math Finance

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As a result, investors cannot come up with a perfect hedging portfolio that does away with all the associated risks (Mishken et al. 2009). Some of the causes of incomplete markets are transactional costs, market resistances and portfolio constraints. Due to

foundations of finance

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alternatives, Alternative B, 100 meters length by 2 meters wide, generates the largest rectangular lawn perimeter, 198.5 meters, contributing to the largest surface area. All the other alternatives generated lesser rectangular lawn perimeters. Alternative B is the best solution.

Economic growth

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This capital is later subtracted from the total income generated by an organization and this leads to the formulation of the net income (Weil, 2013).

job selection-multiple criteria decision analysis

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She has excellent curriculum vitae with a high grade point average and a strong record of campus participation in clubs and activities. As a result, she has had a number of good interviews with various companies. She now has

Engineering Dynamic Assignment

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The joints are usually configured in such a way that the bars are able to move in parallel plane. The link chosen for fixation in this analysis was at the point where the angle of diversion was The reason for this is because the accelerometer

multiple criteria decision analysis

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In connection to this the main aim of this project is to use MCDA to solve the problem. For the last 10 year Bernard has wanted to own a home. After discussing with his wife, they decided to take a mortgage. But now the problem is, he does not

Honours Analysis

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made into a continuous process whereby, intervals that comprise [0, 1] – (I1I2) are subdivided into three subintervals, while removing their middle thirds. This can be denoted as Cantor Set C = In whereby In+1 is constructed by trisecting In and remove the middle third with

Calculus for Business Economics

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After t minutes angle covered by the minute hand will be 6t degrees. For in 1 minute, it is 360/60 = 6 degrees. At 3 pm, the hour hand is already at an angle of 90 degrees. After t minutes it will be at an angle of 90 + 0.5t. For in 1 minute hour hand advances by an angle of 6/12 = 0.5 degrees.

Activity Based Cost accounting system

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Activity Based Costing encourages managers to watch activities or functions that are value added . These are operational acts that help identify the activities or functions that get customers. Management should study cost drivers in decision making.

Dynamic Regression A Simulation Exercise

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The above chart represents the stock performance of MOTOR and GPU. From the chart it is evident that returns have fluctuated over time whereby there are numerous peaks and troughs in the year 1976 to 1987, in 1979 and 1980 GPU had the lowest level of returns, however after the 1980 drop it is evident that returns rose sharply to its highest in the period considered.

Math hw4

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According to Porter, differentiation is one of the winning strategies in the market which a company can utilize in order to compete with other players by stressing product attributes that sets it apart from its competitors. Cost leadership strategy entails pricing at par or even below the industry average in order to gain market share but also delivery of a certain level of product or service quality.

Statistical computation of maximum likelihood estimates using R

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SMA do not account for seasonal changes. The duration of the moving average can best be determined according to the type of application data to forecast. Long time periods gives smoother response by removing random variations but react slower to changes in the data as it lags the trend.

Assignment 3 High School Math Problem

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Even from the start t = 0, the theoretical MW is already 50,000 telling us that the model is inaccurate in modelling less values below 50,000. From the graphs, it can be seen that the profit graph is entirely the result of subtracting the cost values with the revenue values.

Mathematical Tasks

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These latter problems may be tricky and hard to conceptualize but with a clear basis and knowledge of different types of problems and techniques to apply, they can be solved easily. According to Chapter 2, task 2.2.1 on similarities and ratio, so many mathematical tasks can be developed and solved.

business and managerial economics

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As household will be making more organically grow its food, production from farmers will shrink, this will cause a movement to another point within the frontier. e) A law is passed to prohibit women or men from entering some occupations. As some resources are shifted to produce other goods, this will cause movement to another point along the frontier.

Sample size calculation

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Sampling methods include random sampling, cluster sampling and snowball sampling, the selection of the sampling method to be used will depend on the nature of study, and in this paper we consider how we can calculate the sample size given the population size.

Euler Circle

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Euler circle is digrm in which the terms f ctegricl sttements re represented by circles: intersecting circles, s in the first digrm bve represent clsses the intersectin f which is nt empty; ne circle drwn inside nther, s in the secnd digrm, represents the inclusin f ne clss in the ther; nd nn-intersecting circles, s in the third digrm in the figure, represent disjint clsses.

'Level of processing' model of memory

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Thus, for example, if you tried to memorize a list of key revision words, repeating each word to yourself (a low level of processing), this would lead to poorer recall than if you tried to associate each key word with another word or a picture or a sound.

Corporate Finance Math Problem

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The balance sheet showed that the assets of the company increased with the despite of increasing sales. Cash decreased because the company sold more of their products on credit rather than on cash, which can be observed by the growing number of Account receivables which manifested a figure of $0.632 million FY 2007, which were $0.35 million a year before.

The Routines of Decision Making

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Any cost or benefit that does not differ between alternatives is irrelevant and can be ignored in a decision. The reduction in direct labor and variable overhead by 10% alongside with the reduction in direct material costs by 20% must outweigh the price of $10.50 per a pair of bindings.


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O. Guillen (beginning capital, $60,000) and K.Williams (beginning capital ($90,000) are partners. During 2008, the partnership earned net income of $70,000, and Guillen made drawings of $18,000 while Williams made drawings of $24,000. Assume the partnership income-sharing agreement calls for income to be divided 45% to Guillen and 55% to Williams.

College Math

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I was puzzled to find out that the vectors connecting the same two points (let's say QR and RQ) are not equivalent. How can it happen It seems so logical to assume that if two endpoints are the same, the segment between them is the same also. Can somebody help me with this issue


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This cost has been calculated on the basis of traditional costing system. The Direct Material cost and Direct Labour has been calculated on the basis of total production units. The overhead costs have been allocated to products on the basis of traditional costing system.

Solving Mathematical Problems

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This pattern could make it much easier to solve the problem for even larger numbers of people. Patterns can be very helpful to find out the answers to mathematical problems. To find out how many handshakes there would be with 5 people in the room I had to make a diagram.

GENSTAT Linear Statistical Modelling

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Based on the graph, significant difference in red cell folate levels exists between Groups I and II. A significant difference may also exist between Groups I and III. However, there is little difference in mean folate levels between II and III. The data satisfies the assumption of independence.

fundementals of finance

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The return on this combination of portfolio is measured by getting the weighted return for each stock and adding them; as apparent in the equation where wa is the proportion of stock a to the whole portfolio investment and ra is the expected return for it.

Logical Reasoning

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Otherwise, the conclusion is said to be invalid. While most logical statements are straightforward, it is sometimes necessary to use different representations to more easily understand the logic. Among the many tools available are Euler circles and truth tables.

Numerical analysis

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These types of problems (especially systems of differential equations) are solved numerically using a number of similar algorithms which are based on the principles of numerical integration. The definition of the task "solve differential equation" means "integrate differential equation" so all differential equation numerical solving techniques are based on numerical integration, which is the problem of finding area under the curve described by differentiated function.


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Answer: No use of universe of managers can't overcome and the reason behind this is beta (systematic risk and the volatility depend on the market sentiment and use of universe of manager can overcome the internal performance of any company but not the market risk as this risk can be diversified but can't eliminated.

Companys Distribution System

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1. Given the status quo, the estimated distribution costs for the company in the following quarter is $ 194,060 subdivided into $92,252 from the plants to the distribution centers and $101,808 from the distribution centers to the customer zones all over the country.

Economics Money & Financial institutions

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stors. (i) Sofia buys 200 shares in Disney Corporation: In this case if these are newly issues shares then this constitute the primary market but if the stocks were previously issued then this constitute the secondary market. The capital market is a security market for long term borrowing while the money market is a market for short term borrowing; in this case therefore the transaction is part of the money market.

Financial Analysis 334

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This shows that company has no problem in paying off its debts. The position of Jones Corporation is also good and it will have no problem in paying off its debts. Since, both firms can pay-off their debts easily given the situation let's now eliminate the illiquid current asset factor from our ratio calculation.

College Math Master Math Problem

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Here it is given that the tires are equally durable(i.e. identical in terms of quality and thickness). Also we assume here that the roads on which the two cars travel and other conditions are identical so that the friction offered is practically the same and that the cars have more or less the same weight(generally the cars with the larger wheels have more weight and hence offer more burden on their wheels).

Equilibrium price and quantity

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In a state of equilibrium, no shortage or excess in quantity arise since quantity demanded and supplied are deemed equal. (Samuelson & Nordhaus) A shift in the demand curve for a good is brought about by various factors such as income, population, price of a substitute or complement, consumer taste or preference and expectation among others.

Theorem of Pythagoras in Mathematics

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If we read the history of Pythagoras we would come to know his influence upon other philosophers like Plato's whole theory is very much affected by his thinking about geometry. He develops it in books VI and VII of the Republic, and says that "what we are talking about in geometry and mathematics, which are generally abstract entities of timeless, spaceless, and impersonal theologies.

Tangled Triangles

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Let us start investigating this problem by looking back in time and history of this problem. It not only makes our study more interesting, it also throws light on the path that we should follow. It is a well-known fact that for an arbitrary closed curve in the plane of a fixed perimeter, it is the circle that encloses the largest area.

Math Portifolio Matrix binomials

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We can now create general expressions for X and Y. Take, X2 and X3, it is apparent that 4 - a repeating element of the matrix X3 - is simply the equivalent of 2 2. Furthermore, 8, from X4, is again a product of 2 (i.e. 2 22). Hence, we arrive at this equation:
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