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A math problem is a problem that a researcher represents, analyzes and assumably solves with the help of mathematical methods. Math problem can concern some real-life issues or exist solely on a theoretical level within the mathematics itself.

For a real-world issue to become a math problem, one needs to construct its math model. For example, the way scholars calculate the orbits of the planets within the solar system is an example of a real-world problem solved thank the mathematics.

Work with math problem is aimed to find a solution to the field and methods of math. If the issue was taken from the real world, it needs to be adapted from the abstract math language into the language of the corresponding original field.

Abstract math problems are found in the different fields of math itself. Another source of inspiration for these issues is theoretical physics.

Some math problems have no solution, like squaring the circle or trisecting the angle. The others, on the contrary, can be easily solved even by machines, as the automated math problem solver tools are getting popular online.

How to solve a math problem

  1. The first step is to understand the problem. Read the assignment carefully, pay attention to negations. Reread it several times until you are sure you clearly get what is asked.
  2. The next step is to identify a problem’s type: is it a word problem, a fraction, an equation, etc. Define the category that this math problem belongs.
  3. Paraphrase the given problem in simple words. If you can explain the math problem to your younger sibling, you’ve got the point.
  4. Illustrate your math problem. You can draw a Euler diagram, graph or chart to visualize what elements you already have and what elements you need to find.
  5. Reread the problem again. Take notes (by writing or drawing), get into details.  

If you work on the problem for more than two hours, take a break and try to apply an alternative approach.

StudentShare help with math problem

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Math Problem

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Vector Theorems
2 pages (500 words) , Math Problem
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This medial triangle is sometimes also known as auxiliary triangle (Dixon, 1991). The medial triangle DEF consists of the vertices/ Now let KLM be the mid points of DE, DF, and EF respectively. By joining these points we get another triangle KLM i.e. the medial triangle of DEF. Therefore, K= (k1, k2)
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Maths Report
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A car with an engine size less than 1.8L considered as the small engine size car and a car with an engine size greater or equal to 1.8L considered as the bigger engine size cars. The results indicated that there is a strong negative linear
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Maths problem
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For instance, in the above case the market price is £15, for every single unit (1000 units), consumed. However, consumers are willing to pay higher prices
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3 pages (750 words) , Math Problem
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Free cash flow model of valuation estimates value of a firm based on its fundamentals. The company is expected to pay its shareholders based on intrinsic value of the firm. In addition, this value is reflected by net present cash flow. It’s
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Math Finance essay example
Math Finance
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As a result, investors cannot come up with a perfect hedging portfolio that does away with all the associated risks (Mishken et al. 2009). Some of the causes of incomplete markets are transactional costs, market resistances and portfolio constraints. Due to
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