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Algebra Math Problem

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Application: Matthew would like to put up a small coffee-bean store selling two special varieties of coffee – Arabica(M) and Robusta(H). He estimates obtaining profit from each kg of Arabica(M) worth $10.50 and from each kg of Robusta(H) costing $9.25. If he desires to have 2500 kgs of bean-mixture sold for $9.74 per kg, how much of each kind must be present in the mixture?

Quantative analysis for business

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The technique revolves around five (5) simple steps. These steps are: i. Setting up a probability distribution for each of the three variable – material cost, labor cost and utilities cost ii. Preparing a cumulative probability distribution for each of the three variables iii.

Capital Budgeting: Cash flow projections of Bauer Industries

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As the capital expenditure is marked in negative, the NPV is computed by adding the Capital Expenditure to the summation of the PVs of the ten cash flows. The deduction of the capital expenditure value from the summation of the above mentioned PVs gives us the project’s NPV which is equal to 57.

Finance and Accounting Math Problem on Cooperate Finance

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As this investment would be required in some future time, therefore the future value of the investment will be calculated. Future value shows the future worth of the money invested today after some specific period of time (Ross, Westerfield, and Jordan, 2009).

Budgets and Budgeting Process

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As you know that the bank has also demanded a master budget from our company in order to ensure their uninterrupted services, therefore, it would be better that we make an internal budget first, before drafting a final master budget. The reason for emphasizing the formation of an internal budget is that, we as a company should have a firm understanding of the cost objects that are prevalent in our current setup, so that we can confidently answer questions asked by the bank’s personnel, and most importantly we need to determine how much capital our expanding operations need.

RollerCoaster - A Math and History Report

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The first roller coaster to use a power-chain lift in the United States was Gravity Pleasure at Coney Island in New York. La Marcus Adna Thompson built it in 1884. It was also a wooden roller coaster. The world’s oldest operating wooden roller coaster is the Leap-The-Dips at Lakemont Park in Pennsylvania.

Problem Solving-Research Paper

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For the results of the study conducted on the sample to be held true for the entire population, the sample should be a representative sample – that is, it should possess the same characteristics as the entire population, or as close to it as possible. A statistic is a characteristic that describes a sample; a parameter is a characteristic that describes a population.

Yield Curve and Bond Valuation

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Yield Curve and Bond Valuation. Based on the information retrieved from the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System on a 1-month business day, the following information concerning historical dairy interest rates on the U.S treasury was obtained. The rates were picked from the current dates (1st January2012) back to five years a go (1st January 2007).

Scientific Notation

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Numbers can be infinite. They can be too large or small. In this manner, it would be impractical to write them in such a way that it would take time and may be prone to mistakes. It is in line with this that scientific notation was discovered in order to make life more convenient in dealing with too large or small numbers.

Patterns Withing Systems of Linear Equations.

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Algebra is one of the fascinating fields of mathematics, because algebra allows the finding of unknown numbers from information given. In algebra, letters are used in place of numbers that are not known. These letters are then manipulated in accordance with certain rules until an answer appears.

Lifecycle Engineering

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The event simply means an act or incidence that might happen, probability defines the likelihood of an event occurring, impact is the consequence of an event happening. Mitigation happens to be how much the probability of an event may be reduced. Reduction is represented mathematically as the product of mitigation and contingency, whereas exposure is the result of reduction subtracted from risk.

Population Trends in China

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Population Trends in China Introduction China has been documented as the world’s most populous country, with a population of about 1.3 billion, which is about a fifth of the world’s population. The rapid growth in population has become a concern to the government, such that it has introduced various measures to curb the rate of growth.

Capital Budgeting: Math Case Study (Answering questions)

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1. From the given data, it can be seen that Project ‘p’ has a higher NPV as compared to Project ‘q’. Hence, if NPV is chosen as the criterion, Project ‘p’ must be preferred. However, it is also seen that Project ‘q’ has a higher IRR. Thus, form IRR point of view ‘q’ is the preferred project.

Revenue Math Problem

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The property information indicates that this hotel is very distinct from its competitors. It has a superb architecture that if properly highlighted will not only woe customers but provide a opportunity for a higher average daily rate (ADR) than its competitors.

Statistical Reasoning in public Health

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Acute otitis media is an infection that causes inflammation of the middle ear canal. In the study, children were randomized to receive either the influenza vaccine or a placebo. (randomization was done in a 2 to 1 ratio, meaning that two times as many children were randomized to the vaccine treatment as were randomized to the placebo group).

QLT 1 Task 5: Interpretating and communicating quanitive Information

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The teachers have to choose the most profitable offer from these offers. The offers can be categorized into two types: Offer A, the supplier provides a constant discount per dollar. Offer B, the supplier provides a discount above a minimum amount spent. The discount of offer B is assumed to be higher than discount of offer A.

Why Caledonia Has to Adopt Free Cash Flows Approach and not Accounting Profit Approach?

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Cash flows are the finances a corporation acquires from its daily sales and spends it in the operations of the business at that particular period. It is the liquidity position of the company and does not constitute for sales credit (Mulford & Comiskey, 2005).

Financial Research Report

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According to the Chairman of Capital City Bank Group, Bill Smith, the bank is unique due to the reason that it concentrates upon banking with those communities where the system of banking can bring a difference. The bank is located in three states; Florida, Georgia and Alabama working through 70 banking locations on a full servicing basis.

Mod2 SLP: Financial decision making

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YEAR 1 t= 1 yr S=P(1+rt) 158000= P(1+(0.07)(1)) P= $147663.55 S= 246000 r= 7% P= ? YEAR 2 t= 2 yr S=P(1+rt) 246000= P(1+(0.07)(2)) P= $215789.47 S= 289000 r= 7% P= ? YEAR 3 t= 3 yr S=P(1+rt) 289000= P(1+(0.07)(3)) P= $238842.97 Amount you have to invest today for all 3 future payments is: P= $602296 Money on hand today is worth more than tomorrow, therefore it is important that we understand the concept of time value of money.

Pair-wise Sequencing Alignment

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1.a. How many Blast Hits do you get for the sequence? Answer = 100 1.b. What is the sequence most similar to? Provide the Sequence Accession as your answer. Answer = NW_876323.1 1.c. What is the likely SOURCE ORGANISM for this sequence? Answer = Canis lupus familiaris 1.d What is the E-value for the top BLASTN search result?


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1 F 1 1 1 D H 1 C J A B E G I K Determination of the member forces using the method of joints Forces in question are a, b, c which according to the diagram are DE, BE and CD respectively since the truss is symmetrical Joint A C A B 2.5 units Sum of forces in the Y-axis = 0 2.5+ACsinO=0 where O=the slope of the roof given by 2 vertical, 5 horizontal.

Cost Benefit Analysis

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In most cases such inefficiencies are caused by monopoly pricing or taxation (Brent 89). In other words, a deadweight loss can be termed as the total surplus resulting from market distortion especially from the side of government regulations on prices and in most cases the levied taxes.

create my own exam

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If the sides of each triangle are measured and summed for each triangle then the resulting value will be equal. That is to say if triangle A sides are found to be o, p, q, and triangle B sides are x, y, z then o + p + q = x + y + z Proof: Suppose triangle A has sides o, p, q and triangle B has sides x, y, z and one of the sides for each triangle passes through the centre of the circles then that those two sides for each triangle will be equal.

Physics homework

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The magnitude of the buoyancy force on an object depends upon the volume of the water that it displaces. In boat 1, the air inside the boat also serves as a means of displacing water. Whereas in boat 2, only the boat’s material itself is displacing the water; its inside is filled with water, thus that volume is not getting displaced.
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