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Whenever you decide to dedicate your life to Mathematics or any other related fields (Statistics, Finances, Data Analysis, Accounting, etc.), you might require some corresponding Mathematics help for free. Math is the basis of major disciplines and work fields. Our free Math academic papers would definitely help to improve your logic and calculations. enormous academic database is full of free Math papers, homework assignments, and essays shared by the top “A” and “B” students from different educational institutions. Download your essays, research papers, assignments, and useful course materials promptly online.

Retail Buying and Open To Buy

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The end result is that many buyers will end up buying more of one inventory than they actually require. To solve this problem, three main strategies may be used. First is proper information and training on the part of the buyers to equip them with adequate knowledge on the operation of the three inventories.

Matrices and function

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0.0072 = 0.9928 are alive at the end of the year. Some of this number will have reached the age of 15 during the 1 year and become adults. We shall assume that 15 of the surviving juveniles become adults. So the proportion of juveniles becomes and the connection between Jn to Jn+1 is 0.9266 because a proportion 0.0008 of these die during the year, so a proportion 1 ?

Applications of Linear Algebra to Electrical Engineering

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Engineering is heavily influenced by the mathematics. Engineering problems can be solved by utilizing the principles of mathematics. Calculus, algebra, etc are the branches, which are utilized in the Engineering problems. We can say that the practical application of the mathematics can be truly seen in the engineering problems.

Linear relationship essay

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In this situation, the independent variable is the early release of prison inmates. The early release of prison inmates qualifies to be the independent variable since the number of inmates released can be changed or manipulated in accordance with the relevant conditions.

Algebra Math Problem

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Application: Matthew would like to put up a small coffee-bean store selling two special varieties of coffee – Arabica(M) and Robusta(H). He estimates obtaining profit from each kg of Arabica(M) worth $10.50 and from each kg of Robusta(H) costing $9.25. If he desires to have 2500 kgs of bean-mixture sold for $9.74 per kg, how much of each kind must be present in the mixture?

Quantative problem solving

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This, however, makes Tanya realize that her significant weight and poor body shape would have bearing on the way people see her severe contrast with Carol and Meg who are slim and sexy at the same time. To help her remedy this situation, Tanya is advised by Meg to go to the XYZ Fitness Club to avail of the U-Light program which consists of south beach diet meals at $5.13 per day with annual service charge of $145 and a free yearly visit to the gym.

Biography of Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein was born in a very normal middle class family in Germany. He was born on Mach 14, 1879 at the city of Ulm in Baden- Württemberg in Germany. His family inherited a German Jewish tradition. However, soon after his birth, the family along with him moved to Munich in Germany.


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3D MODELING USING PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS (PDEs) TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 4 ABSTRACT 5 Chapter 3 6 Efficient 3D Data Compression through Parameterization of Free-Form Surface Patches 6 3.1 Method 9 3.1.1 Polygon Reduction by Explicit Structured Vertices 9 3.1.2 Sampling and Reconstruction 10 3.1.3 Polynomial Interpolation 14 3.2 RESULTS 15 3.2.1 Data Compression 15 3.22 3D Reconstruction 18 3.2.3 Evaluating the fit 20 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The successful completion of this study would not have been possible without the involvement of a number of people and institutions.

How concerns of commerce and business spur on the development of mathematics

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The oldest mathematical texts that were available included, the Rhind mathematical papyrus, which was of Egyptian mathematics between 2000-1800 BC, Plimpton 322 of Babylonian mathematics in 1900 BC and the Moscow mathematical papyrus in 1890 BC. These texts were all in accordance to the Pythagorean Theorem that is the oldest and known to many after geometry and basic arithmetic (Avner 87).

Number theory and RSA

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This process is also known as cryptosystem. In cryptography, the message is known as plaintext, then the message is scrambled to conceal the message, this process of scrambling the message is called encryption. After this process of scrambling the message, the message version becomes ciphertext (Coutinho, 2003).

Blaise Pascal and the Theory of Probability - Why it is important and the implications of this contribution

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The analysis of the gambling laid foundation to more complicated logic and mathematical probability. Technology, morality, social science and physics all rely on probability. The Importance and Application of Theory of Probability Introduction Mathematics has helped people in quantifying things as the numerals offer the convenience of calculating objects.

Comparing Euler’s Method with Numerical Methods

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Many mathematicians, with interest in this field, have conducted studies on the nature of these equations. From their studies and analysis, they are concluded that even quite complicated systems and shapes can be described precisely using well-structured mathematical expressions (Kuang and Cong, 2007).


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Value of the underlying assets determines the value of a derivative. For instance, the price of oil controls an oil option contract’s value. Oil prices are amongst the most important commodities in the world. Their behavior over the last twenty years has become increasingly complicated as oil prices have been affected, directly or indirectly, by a host of factors that included but were not limited to net demand and interest rates.

Should capital punishment be abolished?

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Examples of offences on which it is applied include rape and other sexual crimes, espionage, murder, repeated crimes, and treason. It is also carried out as part of martial justice. While it is still common in some countries, others have prohibited its use.

Maximizing Revenue

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With the approach of modelling or making adjustments via their ‘Salesforce’ and ‘NetSuite’(integrated business management software), certain SaaS organizations manage to discover that there are three avenues of growth which are crucial in determining whether or not SaaS operations within the intended niches would yield optimum figures of revenue.

The effect of football/soccer playerе«s performance on their market value

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Those noted in this context of high transfer fee are the likes of Christiano Ronaldo and Leonel Messi, among others. One may get an interest of the need to evaluate the relationship between a player’s performance in soccer and his market value, which is mostly noted during the transfer windows (Edward, 2006, P.121).

Singapore Math

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Many of us would be astonished to read that Singapore is also known for its special teaching methodology that encircles the training of human mind with a specific method of teaching known as the Singapore Math. History The history goes back to 1995, 1999, 2003 and the recent times when Singapore gained world attention regarding its distinctive methods that empower the pupils to standout from the crowd when it comes to number crunching and playing with mathematical equations and enigmas.

Cryptography & Coding

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The main danger is regarding the communications that are offered nowadays mainly through the internet. The internet offers vital communication among tens of millions of people also is being more and more utilized like a tool intended for commerce. The security of the communication turned out to be an extremely significant matter to deal with.

Mathemathics Game Critique

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This game is a one-player game that deals with subtraction questions. It involves a little boy holding a fishing rod, trying to “catch” the answer with his rod. The question is at the top of the fishing rod. The student is required to answer the question, and then quickly click on the answer while the answer is on the ‘correct’ fish.

Mathematical model of bone remodeling

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For many years, bones have been known as complicated tissues which can be repaired and re-constructed in people’s lives continuously. In the last years, people have made it very clear that bone reconstruction relies on the relationship between two uncommon cells which are osteoclasts and osteoblasts at the cellular level.

The history of the number zero

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Zero can be used for two purposes which are reasonably different from one another, and it has different aspects within the two uses for being a concept, a notion, a notation and a name. First, it can be used as a symbol to indicate an empty place in today’s place value number system to describe the correct positioning of other numbers.

Best Practices in improving student success rate in college - developmental/remedial math.

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Developmental mathematics courses form the major part of the developmental courses offered in community colleges. Many students opt for the developmental mathematics courses but only half of them successfully finish. The major aim of this research is to form a committee and develop an intervention program with best practices that will enable the success of the student in mathematics.

Calculus: Numerical analysis

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By rotating a segment of conic section about an axis, Kepler managed to determine a volume of solid and this became his chief contribution to integral calculus. A contemporary Italian priest, Bonaventura Cavalieri (1598-1647), supplicated this work with fresh concept through an investigation of problems dealing with areas and volumes which had been of large supplemental essence to the foundations of integral calculus.

Model in the projection of equity portfolio

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Similarly, pension funds as well as insurance companies utilize modeling in identification of assets for their respective portfolios. Private equity funds, just like other sectors also use models to evaluate their effectiveness and performance. The widespread use shows the effectiveness of modeling as an integral part in analysis.
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