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Effect Of Television On Family Relationships

When the television was first introduced in the market, it was in the homes of the rich and were kept in bars, the latter being the place where it reached more people. Slowly there was a demographic shift in the TV viewing population. The middle-income and low-income people started to own or aspired to own a television set resulted in defining the nature of the programs shown. The program quality was not better than the high school drama’s previously, but after the shift in the demography of the audience, there was a surge of programs which showed the reality of life. Larger than life emotions and problems did not suit the living room viewing as they have to be based on the reception in the living room. The program content was scrutinized for suitability for family viewership, the production budgets and plats were spruced up to suit the growing demand for variety in TV entertainment. Television did not occupy a special place in the living rooms of the families in America all at once. The production capacities were limited and the program content was still developing, national signals were still talked about in the early decades of television. But if we analyze what caused a huge acceptance among the public that it is an essential in the living room. The magazine opinion helped in the leap of TV sets into the living room of families across America. All through the early years of television growth, it was emphasized thoroughly that television helps to improve family relationships by various sources. ...
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Today most people are patterned by the programs on TV that the lives of people are imitated on TV and vice versa. In the essay "Effect Of Television On Family Relationships", how television has found its path to re-arrange our household relationships and dynamics in the society are discussed…
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