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Essay example - Identify and research a problem caused by a U.S. corporation and then to convince the audience that something must be done to stop them from doing this

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Private sector corporations exist primarily for profit motives. There is no denying the fact that private firms do adhere to certain ethics and social norms. Still the very truth that the survival of any successful and viable corporation is ultimately dependent upon the state of its balance sheet makes it more then vulnerable to a glaring betrayal of ethical and social concerns, if the needs be…

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Even the crucial and vital concerns like statutory provisions, environmental laws, social norms, business ethics and general well being of the society are more then often compromised by the corporations to achieve their fiscal and marketing targets (Chris 16). Any well informed citizen with reasonable levels of exposure to the print and digital media will conclusively testify to the fact that more then often corporations have been found to be willing to damage the world to make more money. This deliberate willingness to hurt the human values by any individual or institution definitely deserves the concern and intervention of a civil society based on democratic values and ideals.
The US based corporations, being a part of a thriving capitalist and democratic society, aught to be held responsible for the breach of statutory provisions and public trust committed by them. However, the primary problem hampering this ideal is the fact that the corporations have over the years, assimilated themselves into the society in a way that does not extend the people with specific rights and mechanisms to facilitate a close scrutiny of their day today operations. The very framework and design of the corporations extends them with the ability and power to side step or sideline the public intervention or interference. ...
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