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The Everyday Sociologist

We attach ourselves to groups, we form partnerships and relationships, and we conform when necessary and violate the norms when the norms don't fit. We work to fit into a society and work to make society fit our needs. We struggle and we accommodate, as we become better sociologists in our efforts to cope with our everyday sociology.
As I put on my clothes in the morning, it may be viewed as selecting the correct uniform. I want to assure that my clothes are appropriate for the day's activities. I want to belong to the group that I will spend the day with and clothing is a first impression that can include or exclude me from the group. This isn't a judgment I make based on any scientific research. It comes from the experience I have. Since I'll be working in the office today, I want to be sure to wear something conservative. I want to let my coworkers know that I am a part of the business community and not a maverick or a rebel. My heart may not be totally into the job of customer service representative, but my clothes will say otherwise. I will conform to the accepted dress code and in doing so, I will portray a sense of confidence and instill a sense of belonging. ...
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The study of sociology is a wide field that encompasses everything from our most intimate relationships to the transactions we make at the grocery store. Our marriage, our work, our studies, and our recreation are a complex weave of social interactions. As we grow, we develop methods of communication and form ideas about individuals and groups…
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