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Critical Thinking Discussion Questions

Then the decision made is clear and understood. This is not true when decision making includes people of differing backgrounds, experiences, and ethics.
The way the United States handles wounded on the battlefield provides an ethical dilemma for some. The United States treats all wounded from the battlefield regardless of what military unit, insurgents group, or country they come from. These wounded are categorized not by who they are but by how wounded they are and are lined up for care (for surgery for example) based upon the seriousness of their wound and their optimal chances for survival. Other countries or peoples are often stymied by thistheir beliefs are to treat your own and leave the enemy to die so they don't live to fight another day.
2. When are group decisions better than individual decisions When are they not better Provide examples of effective individual and effective group decisions and explain why the method (individual vs. group worked well in the situation).
Sometimes group decisions are better than individual decisions because each person in the group brings their perspective to the table for consideration. In the American judicial system you can choose between judge or jury to hear and decide your case. If you choose the judge your odds are 50-50. ...
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The most important factor in decision making is the conscience. The conscience is composed of all our memories, experiences, and what we believe in. Making a decision that compromises your conscience would be hard. Ethics in decision making is not much different than going with your conscience…
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