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Essay example - Argumentive On Same Sex Marriage

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One of the most controversial questions of the day, Same-sex marriage, also called gay marriage, has become a term heatedly debated in the news media and politics. The legitimacy of the same sex marriage as well as the rights of the people who opt for this practice has been central topics of debate and there are numerous points of view and varied conclusions on the topic…

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Only an insightful analysis can offer a logical conclusion on the controversial topic of same sex marriage. Such a profound analysis of the arguments in favor of as well as those against the practice of same sex marriage, would confirm the social obligation to give room for the rights of the people who prefer the practice. Whereas the arguments against same sex marriage offer one side of the question, they many often fail even to recognize the existence of the opposite side which convincingly holds the rights of the people for privacy and personal freedom. While admitting the significance of marriage as a social institution, several critics in the recent history argue, along with Charlene Gomes, that "the time has come to expandmarriageto includesame-sexcouples." (Gomes, 15) They hold that it is vital to recognize the practice legally in order to defend the emotional and economic welfare of same sexcouples and to offer them an equal plane with heterosexualmarriage. ...
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