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Essay example - Brain Drain in Louisiana

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The American Heritage Dictionary of English Language defines Brain Darin as "the loss of skilled intellectual and technical labor, through the movement of such labor to a more favorable geographic, economic or professional environment" (Brain Drain). This definition expresses the form and substance of the term 'brain drain'…

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Of grave concern, then, was the emigration of those with scarce professional skills, like Doctors, Nurses, Engineers etc, who had been trained at considerable expense, in most cases, by means of highly subsidized tertiary educations or Government grants. (Cohen 1).
The mere fact of the weak and poor society losing skilled people is a terrible occurrence. It plunge the society into a far deeper economic situation. The implications for the poor sending communities, is therefore, stark. (Dhananjayan 2). The factor driving brain drain emigration are not far fetched. The human nature always tend towards a better and more secured living conditions. Wherever such condition is not obtainable in a community, there is bound to be movement outwards, in search of a better environment. It is obvious, therefore, that inequalities in opportunities available to different societies or nations, is one primary factor at the root of brain drain emigration.
Several decades back, 'brain drain' was a name reserved for citizens of poor developing nations moving into America and Europe. A US presidential candidate, Ross Perot, even once talked about a "giant sucking sound" made as American jobs went out to emigrants (Dhananjayan 2), but America seems to be having her own share of the phenomenon within its shores.
According to a story on CBS News, Williams Frey, a demographer at the Univers ...
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