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Developing The Planning And Design Of A Public Safety Facility

Police Department, 2. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.
In order to develop the public safety facility, the specifications and necessary criteria like site related systems, building systems, work-space analysis and related technologies, building interiors including layouts, furnishings, finishes and equipment, have been considered to formulate the basis of the design.
Demographics of the city of Pinellas Park: Pinellas Park is a city in the county of Pinellas, in Florida State. The city is situated 5 miles north of Saint Petersburg, and the nearest large city is Tampa. The total area of Pinellas Park is around 38.7 square kilometers, with approximately 19,500 households and a population density of around 1200 per square kilometer. According to the Bureau of census, US Department of Commerce, the population of the city since 1990 is as follows:
This represents a population growth rate of around 5% per decade. It is therefore decided to design a facility capable of serving a population of around 50,000,which will take care of the population growth in the next decade.
At present this department is divided into three divisions, namely Operations, Services and Investigations. Each division is commanded by a captain and is under the overall control of the Chief of Police. The recommended national average of police officers is 2.6 officers per 1000 residents. ...
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(Executive Summary: This paper works on planning and design of Public Safety Facility for the city of Pinellas Park. While designing the facilities, all the necessary criterions required for designing a Public Safety Facility has been considered. The use of Green Technology also considered…
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