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WTS Migration Plan To Develop E-Business Capability

Many commentators refer to e-commerce as all electronically mediated transaction between an organization and any third party it deals with. By this definition, non-financial transaction such as customers’ requests for further information would also be considered to be part of e-commerce. E-business or e-commerce refer to the technology/ system integrate with commerce i.e. purchase of goods and services over world wide web via secure servers with shopping carts and with electronic pay services like credit cards payment authorization. Impact of e-business on organizations is happening right before our eyes a vast and rapid reconfiguration of business on an unprecedented scale. Impact of e-business on almost every part of the organisation is evident. Choosing the important infrastructure i.e. appropriate technology and service provider is of utmost importance. Service providers and IT groups directly affect the value of the enterprises. E-business needs whole lot of infrastructural change. The technical infrastructure element of e-business consists of Internet and server technologies, hardware and software. ...
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Electronic commerce is often thought simply to refer to buying and selling using the Internet; people immediately think of consumer retail purchases from companies…
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