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social problems - Essay Example

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In the present era, the role of the society in molding the shape of the family is unquestionable. There was a time when we thought of the role of the family in shaping the society. But the varied situations and influences of culture and economy have transformed the very meaning of family…

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social problems

Families are affected by globalization, unemployment, downward mobility, changing economy, fashion and trend etc that are characteristics of a society. Thus the authors' comment that the society shapes the family means that today's families are controlled and influenced by the social system tremendously so that the family system is determined by the rules and characteristics of the society rather than the other way around.
Though the role of the family has changed greatly over the years and there are many hurdles in the cohesive existence of family, nobody can deny the significant role that a family plays in the development of the individual and the society. The primary function of a family is the overall development of a human being and thereby assisting the society to achieve progress and growth. To exemplify this with my own family, it is the agency that has shaped the person I am today. It taught me the primary lessons of social life and individual growth and established a right basement for my entire progress. The same system helped me in my character formation and behavioral pattern that enables me to distinguish right from wrong and good from evil. In my view the coexistence of different individuals for a common cause is the most significant element of the family life. There is no family life when individuals are parted and seek their own interest. ...
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