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In-Flight Security For Airline Passengers

are to be dealt more cautiously. And now more security provisions are added for airline passengers while in air.
The project examines and studies all the security measures adhered to by various airlines including FAMs, Flight Deck Officer, Discrete Codes, Crew Members and Reinforced Cockpit Doors. Their training methods, duties, laws and changed laws after September 11 incident has been mentioned in it. It is highly useful for the general public to be assured regarding the present security provided by the airlines. Even the ethical situation and dilemma has been talked about giving due consideration to the delicate issues.
No doubt all the training, requirements and implementation of changed laws needs huge budget. But the Under Secretary and Federal Government are obliged to hold all the cost responsibility of training, supervision, equipment etc. hence leaving no expense to the pilots.
Training becomes very ideal when it comes to the security of the public especially when carrying loaded guns to fire when in need. The project clearly shows the comparison between the changed laws before and after the fatal incident of September 11. Budgets have been reformed and the government takes the responsibility. ...
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My project on in-flight security for airline passengers talks about the security in the airline passenger airplanes while in air. It includes various security measures taken by all the airlines ensuring full calm to the passengers. It is based on reliable information on FAMs1, Flight Deck Officer, Discrete Codes, Crew Members and Reinforced Cockpit Doors and how they work for flight boarders.
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