Balance in the Administration of Justice Security Paper

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Nations all over the world depend in the mandate and powers of the governing body to defend and uphold the values of the society. Values such as peace, order, security and most of all justice are very precious in a sovereign state.
In America alone, the 'National Security Strategy 2006' reflects this adherence of administrating bodies to protection and safety of its citizens and residents.


This usually holds true too in other nations. They have their own ways of educating and updating their citizens of the current plans and implements. This is for the purpose of ensuring that the government is functioning for the service of the people, to uphold their rights and secure their territories.
There are certain sectors that are very particular with the repercussions in the legal system of the goals aimed for. In the piece, Communications Privacy in the Digital Age (1997), a number of legal issues confronted by people in general are laid out. First of these issues is the fact of making 'Wiretapping' permissible to be used in dealing with certain crimes. Formerly, 'wiretapping' was allowed only for serious crimes that threaten the national security. Today, the list included crimes such as fraudulent statements in documents and applications as well the causing of destruction in any property owned by the State. Another point highlighted in the articles is the need to make more productive results in proposed actions. There are illegal practices that contravene the purpose of justice and security. The item also mentioned the authorizations provided by courts in proceeding with 'electronic surveillance' and the reaction to such through suggesting other methods to be used to acquire data. ...
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