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Article Review "Apologizing to China: Elastic Apologies and the Meta-Discourse Of American Diplomats" Glinert, Lewis. 2010.

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This article is well written, although the author could have done away with a number of unconventional and difficult words. Though the topic is of a general nature and requires little technical knowledge, it is hard to understand and interpret the author’s ideas at first glance, as the language used is of utmost sophistication.

Civil Rights during Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson.

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After the Cold War, there had been resurgence in civil rights among African Americans. Truman started to respond to these civil rights issues. In 1946, he appointed a commission that would propose a civil rights law. He also called for a long-term Federal civil rights agency and Fair Employment Practices Committee (Corse).

Political Economy Master Essay

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(Eggers, 2005) "Political economy considered as a branch of the science of a statesman or legislator proposes two distinct objects, first, to supply a plentiful revenue or subsistence for the people, or more properly to enable them to provide such a revenue or subsistence for themselves; and secondly, to supply the state or commonwealth with a revenue sufficient for the public service.

The 1990s were dubbed the lost decade for Japan. Why has macroeconomic policy failed to help the Japanese economy out of the decadelong stagnation

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Nevertheless, "Japan's Miracle" ended in the beginning of the 1990s. Since then, the Japanese economy has fallen into an acute and long slump and has entered into a new transition phase. Since 1990 Japan has experienced over a decade of slow growth in real economic activity.

How does immigration affect the population structure in Los Angeles?

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Recent studies in the field of immigration in the United States show that growing immigrant population contribute social, demographic and economic changes among the people. Studies also show that immigrants have not trim down the opportunities of Native Americans.

Turkey political system

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World War I contributed to the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. An Arab rebellion during the early 1900s led to the destruction of the Ottoman Empire. Consequently, Mustafa Kemal Pasha rose to power. Mustafa Kemal was instrumental in establishing Turkey’s independence during 1922.

Researching politics and international relations

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There are numerous methods of research. However, we narrow our researching methods down to two ways; the Qualitative and the Quantitative method. Each is a scientific method much used and approved, by researchers.

Human Rights Organizations in Chile, Uruguay and Argentina

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The incoming political power wanted to create subservient citizens and complete obedience through dictatorships and force of military insurgence. The goals of the political hierarchy included fear, obedience, and a totalitarianism society created by torture, arrests, disappearances, killings, and other atrocities.

Public relations

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Professionals normally work in the background with research on public opinion, courting of journalists, and sending press releases (Gregory 2).This is done to position their employers as ethical, concerned, and positive role models. I recently talked to Tatiana Soprano,the PR manager at Ritz Carlton in Biscayne, Florida.

What role do the concepts of virtu and fortuna play in MachiavelliХs political thought?

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In the 1500’s, an Italian of noble ancestors rose to be in line with the rulers of his time. He is Niccolo Machiavelli, whose The Prince envisioned a leader in its perfect form in terms of success of ruling. Machiavellian thought undermines the modern political philosophy which basically governs the constitution of most powerful nations

Reviews of "US Policy toward Venezuela"

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In order to gain appropriate influence and promote proper relationship, US must seek good cooperation from Latin America since through managing Venezuela, the other Latin American countries will fear how it deals with them .

American Government and Politics

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During the period as president, the nation experienced dramatic economic growth and began a momentum shift towards international relations. As it made this turn over, it was noted that it failed to address a series of public dilemma that developed for several years just before he got into power.

Compare and contrast the political views and public policies of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson

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Jefferson is well known to advocate governance of the country by common people whereas Hamilton believed in the ‘rule of the few’ or that the country be run by the elite who he argued could be trusted for being selfless as opposed to the greedy brutish trait of the common ones.

Black Political Power

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Discrimination from attending certain schools and colleges, to discrimination against using public transportation, and even the world of entertainment, an end to black slavery were among some of the reasons these people were ready to lose their lives for.

A Winning Political Strategy

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A political party is a collection of communities, a union of small groups dispersed throughout the country that are linked by co-coordinating institutions. Any progressive political party in the world requires a formidable political strategy for it to win an election.

Defying the Iranian revolution

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This prompted him to filter and displace many of them, especially those who opposed his policies or tried to intervene. In fact, Shah succeeded in globalizing Iran, but found opposition from the clergy and the Socialist Party that had a strong role, during that time.

What is democracy?

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Every adult (usually above 18 years) has the right to vote and decide on the ministers who would actively represent their country Even after election, there are checks and balances so that those who hold offices are kept on their toes..

The relation of soft power and hard power in China and/or East Asian countries.

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Power can be seen as legitimate, and it can aid stability but it can also act as a catalyst for conflict and instability. International relations are full of examples of both kinds of power.

How did the Revolution in Tunisia lead to all other Revolutions in the Middle East?

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I find the topic very crucial to me because I come from the Middle East where the revolution is seemingly spreading. In our country and by my religion, the majority believe in justice and equality. My religion condones the fight for human rights and fairness.

Esping-Andersen’s Welfare Regime Model.

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Esping-Andersen came up with the most relevant typology for welfare states. Esping-Andersen using classical European political economy approach differentiates between three types of welfare regimes (Edwards, 2003). Esping-Andersen differentiates the state welfare regimes on three major principles.

The 3 branches of US government.

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The branch ensures that the daily responsibilities of the federal government are carried out. Policies on foreign relations, agriculture, and housing, among others, are implemented by the different offices and departments of the executive branch.

Religion in State Politics: Explaining Incorporation

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Instances of recent religions political effects thrive in states at different degrees of fiscal and political growth. This work investigate the interrelationship between faith and the state and whether religion should be privatize or deprivatize (incorporated) into the politics of the world.

Mexican immigration into USA

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Currently, a significant portion of the American population is either Mexican or Mexican American following constant immigration of the Mexican citizens into the Unites states of America. Most of the immigrants have found a safe haven in the US after receiving a warm welcome by the American citizens (Borjas 8).

Hamilton’s and Jefferson's political philosophy

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This collision of ideologies started in the 1790’s after George Washington became the first president. Both the men represented different ideologies, keeping in mind the important factor that both men are considered among the founding fathers of United States.

A christian democracy

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In a general sense, this political ideology is characterized by social conservatism on matters of cultural, social, political and moral issues. More specifically, it tries to apply Christian beliefs and principles to public policies in terms of governance.
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