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Public relations

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Professionals normally work in the background with research on public opinion, courting of journalists, and sending press releases (Gregory 2).This is done to position their employers as ethical, concerned, and positive role models. I recently talked to Tatiana Soprano,the PR manager at Ritz Carlton in Biscayne, Florida.

Article Review "Apologizing to China: Elastic Apologies and the Meta-Discourse Of American Diplomats" Glinert, Lewis. 2010.

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This article is well written, although the author could have done away with a number of unconventional and difficult words. Though the topic is of a general nature and requires little technical knowledge, it is hard to understand and interpret the author’s ideas at first glance, as the language used is of utmost sophistication.

Civil Rights during Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson.

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After the Cold War, there had been resurgence in civil rights among African Americans. Truman started to respond to these civil rights issues. In 1946, he appointed a commission that would propose a civil rights law. He also called for a long-term Federal civil rights agency and Fair Employment Practices Committee (Corse).

Ban Ki-Moon's Leadership Style

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The goal of this paper is to prove that Ban is interested in doing things silently rather than making too many noises to grab the attention of international community. Ban is not only keen in solving international political problems, but also in solving environmental problems.

U.S.'s tactics to persude North Korea to abandon its development of a nuclear weapons program

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In March of 1992, the U.S. imposed economic sanctions against North Korea’s Lyongaksan Machineries and Equipment Export and Changgwang Sinyong Corporations for alleged missile proliferation activities.

Political Economy Master Essay

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(Eggers, 2005) "Political economy considered as a branch of the science of a statesman or legislator proposes two distinct objects, first, to supply a plentiful revenue or subsistence for the people, or more properly to enable them to provide such a revenue or subsistence for themselves; and secondly, to supply the state or commonwealth with a revenue sufficient for the public service.

Terrorism and Torture

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The studies, which consider torture as high forms of human rights violations, are rare. Torture has come into being the most prominent form of human rights violation through the organised violence caused by both democratic and non-democratic governments from around the world, following the incidents of 9/11.

The 1990s were dubbed the lost decade for Japan. Why has macroeconomic policy failed to help the Japanese economy out of the decadelong stagnation

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Nevertheless, "Japan's Miracle" ended in the beginning of the 1990s. Since then, the Japanese economy has fallen into an acute and long slump and has entered into a new transition phase. Since 1990 Japan has experienced over a decade of slow growth in real economic activity.

Modern Democracy

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As is well known, "democracy" is taken from Greek word which means "government of the people, by the people and for the people." "demos" means people, and "cratos" means government. This is the meaning of the word (the nominal definition), but the concept to which the word corresponds (the real definition), has been evaluated or developed through history (De Torre, 1997).

US foreign policy: Overthrow

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America feels it their duty to intervene wherever they please if the political and economical will of that country defy the American rule.Stephen Kinzer in book "Overthrow" argues that America could have avoided most of these violent military confrontations spending billions of dollars and causing bloodshed and pain

Innovation policy

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"Technology-based products account for the highest and fastest-growing proportion o the world trade, which explains much of the corporate and public policy interest in technological innovation. Firms use technology as a fundamental driver of competitiveness, and in a wide variety of ways governments support corporate technological activities as the primary agents of technical advance in the economy" (Dodgson and Bessant 1996, p.

Chinese Economy Master Case Study

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While the community centred world continued to work on the planned economies, the west went the free economy way. Whereas, the planned economies suffered a major set back when the Russian economy fell taking with it many of the planned economies as well, the free market economy kept on improving on its performance.

Torture Essay

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The various debates regarding this issue includes whether torture is justifiable during emergencies and also whether it is considered legal in states where there is ongoing terrorist attacks. The debates have divided the decision makers into two groups - one who support it especially in the case of terrorist attacks and the other group who are against it and who point out to the depravities and injustice.

European Union

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There is quite an elongated roll of high historical characters, which, in pretty diverse ways, trailed an idea of integrated Europe. These personalities are Charlemagne, Napolen, Charles V, and Metternich. Incidentally, even the infamous and notorious personages as Adolf Hitler, did intend to deliver a wicked thought of one Europe.

European Union and Turkey

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In the case of Turkey, the prime focus has been to initiate reform efforts in a number of areas so as to achieve the required eligibility status for the membership. On the other hand, the European Union has been constantly monitoring the progress made by Turkey and has been affecting legislations and concessions that would help encourage Turkey hasten the process of reforms that would help speed up its pace of induction into the club.

Economic Integration within the EU

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The alternative debates embrace a number of new aspects of integration within the EU which entails a number of insights. These include a different analysis from that of "new monetarism" (see Arestis and Sawyer, 1998), new objectives for economic policy to include employment and growth, and new institutions to reduce various kinds of disparities across the EU.

Policy and Practice in Health and Social Care

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While we cannot directly say these have been eradicated totally, the government of the United Kingdom introduced the White Paper because it wanted to change things. It showed how the government wanted to work with people with learning disabilities, their carers and local services catering to their needs to make life better.

European Integration Essay

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The integration is on legal, political social and even economical platforms. The integration is achieved through what is commonly called the European Union and European council. The integration which requires that there is cooperation in the already mentioned platforms is rooted in the commitment of each member state in making the integration not only a reality but also a working reality.

How does immigration affect the population structure in Los Angeles?

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Recent studies in the field of immigration in the United States show that growing immigrant population contribute social, demographic and economic changes among the people. Studies also show that immigrants have not trim down the opportunities of Native Americans.

Ways in which political cartoons/political humor is circulated on the Internet and how the circulation can change the meaning.

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It must combine various skills and other aspects to bring out their real humor. Most of these cartoons are found on the editorial page of most newspapers and comic strip pages. However, they get to be circulated more by the social media, which is inclusive of the internet.

Has "Realism" got the big things right?

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The study argues that statements of realism reflecting examples like “international anarchy is the permissive cause of war” are myths. The concept of myth has been given by Cynthia Weber where an IR myth is considered to be an “apparent truth, usually expressed as a slogan, that an IR theory or tradition relies upon in order to appear to be true”.

United States trade conflict with China

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The international relation between the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America is often referred to as Sino-American relations. Since the beginning of the cold war to date, the relation between the two countries has been pretty cyclical.

Turkey political system

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World War I contributed to the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. An Arab rebellion during the early 1900s led to the destruction of the Ottoman Empire. Consequently, Mustafa Kemal Pasha rose to power. Mustafa Kemal was instrumental in establishing Turkey’s independence during 1922.

The current situations that's facing Russia

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In the 12th century, it was founded as the Princedom of Muscovy that emerged from the Mongol domination (13th to 15th centuries) and subsequently conquered and absorbed its neighboring principalities. It is located in the northern Asia, circumscribing the Arctic Ocean (broadening from Europe towards the North Pacific Ocean).

Conflict and Political Order

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The political nature of persons induces them to engage in conflicts between one another. The conflicts may not be based on any personal view but the political affiliations.
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