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Lesson on Crime

Expected Proceedings of the Class: When the class begins, the students will probably be stiff and very wary of the teacher. They will be reluctant to open up and communicate. There will be some students who will try and open up and enhance communication. The teacher will initially react to the exuberant students and then gradually ask leading questions to gradually do away with the inhibitions of the class. It is the teacher's responsibility to ask leading questions to the non responsive students so that all round class participation is assured. The warmer should comprise general interaction with the students.
Once the attention of the class is ensured the teacher can then proceed with the next part of the lesson where it is introduced and the students are asked to mention the one major hazards in the Universities of the USA. This will hopefully elicit the word crime or shooting or terrorist activity. This dialogue should increase confidence of students. Of course there will further comments like tutorials or rampant sex or night life or many other words which have no link with the topic. The Teacher has to steer the response of the students to relevant discussion.
The Teacher hones down on the word crime and pronounces it deliberately and writes i ...
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That students will take an interest in, and will know some vocabulary relating to synonyms and other phonetic groups. That the seats can be moved around the room to enable a seating arrangement that is more suitable for students working together.
SEATING PLAN The seats will be arranged in the pairs…
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