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Comparing the philosophies in Camus's The Stranger and Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning

Meursault is a clerk, who seems to have no feelings and spends afternoons in lovemaking and empty nights in the cinema. He reaches self-knowledge by committing a crime - he shoots an Arab on the beach without explicit reason and motivation - it was hot, the Arab had earlier terrorized him and his friend Raymond, and he had an headache. Meursault is condemned to die as much for his refusal to accept the standards of social behavior as for the crime itself.
In his great work, "The Stranger," Albert Camus exposes his readers to the existentialistic parts of philosophy. The existentialism within his work shapes his characters, by determining how they will act and respond to what is going on around them. However, due to the existentialism, the character stands out in a way unique to the characters in that work.
Meursault, the protagonist in "The Stranger," is an insensitive individual. He shows no feelings towards anyone throughout the novel. It is this lack of feeling that strongly reflects the philosophy of existentialism. Meursault does not feel any sensations a normal human would have with members of the opposite sex, nor does anything important seem to interest him. ...
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Existentialism is a difficult term and an odd movement to define but the books, "The Stranger" by Calms and "Man's Search for Meaning" by Frank, tend to show characters which display existentialism in their characters. This essay is an eager effort to analyze the existential philosophies displayed in the works of both the writers…
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