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According to the Portrait of America, the Civil War was a battle meant to preserve the Union i.e. the United States of America. The genesis began with the formulation of the constitution, where two divergent schools of thought emerged with regard to the functions of the federal hegemony.


Ideally they championed the theory where each state was to uphold the rights in establishing a set of codes within its perimeters and that none was to be coerced to adherer to the mandates of the federal hegemony unless extremely compulsory. No sooner than soon, state rights would more often crash with various procedures the federal system was taking. Divergent view points emerged over taxes, levy, interior enhancement, the martial as well as slavery culminated into mayhem. Time and time again the North and the South faced off. Tangible reasons for doing this were purely on monetary grounds. The south relied on plantations and slaves while the north was heavily dependant on massive industrialization. The north abolished slavery whereas the south needed farm manpower; so the idea of abolishing slaves would otherwise threaten the very existence of the southern state. In 1860, the antagonism flanking the northern as well as the southern interests grew so strong. Lincoln was then elected the president and consequently South Carolina seceded from the Union to govern itself. Thereafter 10 more state followed suit constituting the Confederate States with Jefferson Davis as the Captain. (Stephen B. Oates 300-301)
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