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Professional Nursing

The discussion is guided by Colin Rees' (2003) critique framework, which looks into the following parts of the research article: focus of the material, the background presented, the terms of reference, the study design, the data collection method, and ethical considerations. It goes further to include looking into conclusion and recommendations, readability, and finally, its implications to practice. These parts provide for the body of this critique
Focus. The theme of the research article is that there is no relationship between isotretinoin or antibiotic/topic treatments and depression and the patient's quality of life. This article could be filed under the key words: acne therapy, adverse effects, causal relationship, depression, and isotretinoin. The title clearly gives a clue to the focus. Despite its limited number of respondents and other limitations, the study is important to the profession or practice as it can add to the pool of research on the subject.
Background. The study claimed that there have been increasing interests about the possible relationship between isotretinoin therapy and depressive symptoms. It quoted Ault's (1998) study, which estimated that there have been more than two million users of isotretinoin in the United States since 1982. ...
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Ng, Chee H., Mei M. Tam, Elizabeth Celi, Bruce Tate, and Isaac Schweitzer (2002, November). Prospective study of depressive symptoms and quality of life in acne vulgaris patients treated with isotretinoin compared to antibiotic and topical therapy. Australasian Journal of Dermatology…
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