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Smile - Admission/Application Essay Example

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High school
Admission/Application Essay
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Definition of success varies from person to person, depending upon the circumstances and the ambitions. In my opinion long term success means recognition as an expert in the field in which I'm passionate. If success comes with scores of smiling faces, then it becomes all the more meaningful…

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My father was a physician who took great pains to reach out to the needy. He used to tell me that 'Service to humanity is service to God.' This saying has been a great influence in my opting for medical line as a career. A dentist helps in quadrupling the effect of a smile; therefore I decided that I will help in making life all the more enjoyable by giving the people a reason to smile.
Having a decent job, gaining the respect amongst peers and in the society are the factors which kept revolving in my mind. With the initial interest gained from my younger days when I used to look over my father's shoulders and learnt about his devotion towards humanity. His commitment and support to the infirm and elderly people developed my passion towards pursuing a career in this field. I am excellent at Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology and I like to apply the knowledge of science to help people. I have strong work ethic and I like to see people smile. Therefore, I'd like to follow my father's footsteps. I am a hard working person with an ability to adapt myself to any sort of environment, which is bound to help me in dealing with different sets of circumstances as a dentist.
Today, the health-care has acquired an industry status, which has certainly helped the medical field by providing many avenues for growth. ...
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