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Smoking cigarettes and the strenghts and weakness of the theory of planned behaviour in explaining this behaviour - Essay Example

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Smoking cigarettes and the strenghts and weakness of the theory of planned behaviour in explaining this behaviour

This is a habit and people become addicted to these kind of things very quickly.
Among the addiction of things the addiction of cigarette smoking is very common and popular. A approximate number of adults smoking in United States is about 44.5 million. 23% of the high school students are current smokers. The rate of persons who start smoking is more in students than in adults. This is the major point of concern for the health organization to reduce this rate. Some people smoke to make their image glamorous and effective. The person falling in these categories are most from the reel life persons or star personalities. Military also advertises smoking as glamorous part of life and society. This is a kind of irrational behavior of man that forces him to get addicted to such things in life that are harmful to him. He knows that these are harmful but enjoys the addiction.
The irrational behavior is the abnormal behavior of person that is related to his addictions. They do not know how to act at some instance. When they are addicted to something they get unconscious in the absence of it. ...
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Life of a person in 21st century had became so fast and busy that he has no time to take care of himself. The responsibilities imposed on him makes him tense in his professional as well as personal life. To bear out this tension he becomes addictive of some materials like coffee, tea, cigarette, alcohol and other such things…
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