Transnationalization of Chinese Action Films - Essay Example

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Transnationalization of Chinese Action Films

This shift in the film paradigm is known as the transnationalism of Chinese cinema (Stephen Teo).
This paper studies the transnationalism of Chinese cinema through the examination of four movies, namely, Enter the Dragon, Face/Off, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and One Night in Mongkok. These films will be our case studies in determining the extent and nature of transnationalism that the Chinese cinema has underwent ever since the advent of cinematic change in the late 1920's (Stephen Teo).
The first film to be studied is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the directorial project of Ang Lee, released in the USA on 9 December 2003 (IMBD 2004). This film is the best example to study the modern day Chinese cinema, due to the strategies that Ang Lee employed in making this film. ...
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Chinese cinema has always held a special place in world cinema due to its specific modes of direction and production, and due to the particular genre of wuxia (Stephen Teo) that is the bedrock of Chinese cinema. Films based on this genre have always followed a special track, or formula that has set them aside from the other more commercial films made by, say the Hollywood, or by Eastern cinema…
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