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Communication in the Nursing Profession - Essay Example

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Communication is the most important aspect of workplace interaction, becomes even more critical in the medical profession when the client outcome can bear the extreme consequences of life or death. Nurse communication can take various forms such as the affective support for a patient through a pleasant bedside manner, or the highly professionalized terminology that takes place during an emergency operation…

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Communication in the Nursing Profession

Communication may be verbal, non-verbal, or inferred through the actions that a nurse may take or avoid. Communication may be a single sentence that begins with the sender, but the receiver is the integral part of the process where the message is interpreted and placed in context with a larger discourse. Communication is ubiquitous and pervasive. Every bit of information that is transferred from nurses to the world around them comes through some form of communication. In today's fast paced world of nursing, where accuracy and time can make the difference between success and failure, communication becomes the most critical component driving a patient's outcome.
The structure of a health care setting today is far more inter-dependent than at any other time in history. Cultural and social diversity have made the communications between nurses and patients at risk of miscommunication, but has also presented nurses with the opportunity to be more articulated and meaningful. Communication skills are an area where it is sometimes difficult to measure, yet there are always issues that warrant improvement. In addition, knowledge is passed from nurses, specialists, and physicians through the act of communicating. ...
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