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Essay example - Arkansas History

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I would not exchange homes if someone would give me a place there and stock to work it. We don't have everything here as plentiful as there, but in a few years when we begin to raise our coffee, we will have what we need. One thing I like, there is no white man to give orders and when you go in your house, there is no one to stand outside and call you out of the door and shoot when you come out." N…

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Perhaps all forms of cruelty upon slavery were being done by the white Arkansans towards the slaves of the land back then. Lynching, whipping, burning to death were just some of the major acts to punish the accused slaves with insurrection.
Discernibly one motivation that provoked the white Arkansans to do such further cruelty with the black ones was the fear of the notion that blacks someday will take revenge or rebel against them. This was due to the previous account of the African-American's movement in Arkansas to emigrate in Africa during the 1890's, and the notion that such force able to do by the African-American Arkansans that may lead to revolution. Jim Crow law was then issued around 1890's as a solution for this threat through unifying racism (Dillard 2008).
Critical period of the African-Americans is at peak between the times of the state's civil war during the 1890's and the crisis of Little Rock Central High School. The crisis in Little Rock somehow resolved some of the issues, as the 9 black students involved in the crisis made a breakthrough by fighting and winning for their civil rights. These diplomatic act from the 9 black students paved way the promotion of segregation that was an ideal resolution of the crisis that period (Dillard 2008).
White County in Ar ...
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