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Idealism encompass individual dealings based on corporate ethical values, religion, gender and age, while the relativism encompass religion and provide the view that moral actions of individuals depend upon the natural history and weigh the situation accordingly. The article discuss about the ethical value questionnaire to examine the ethical ideologies of senior managers from organizations listed in Australian Stock Exchange. The results signify that senior Australian managers display geometric mean of 22.9 for idealism and relativism with geometric mean of 16.4. The study also specifies that no relationship was observed between age and idealism. Although, the study finds a low response, but those who responded are keen to behave ethically as compared to non-responders. However, the study did not incorporate heterogeneous immigrant community and emphasize on the fact that effective ethical training is required to generate managerial skills for ethically challenging situations. These training programs will enhance sensitivity to the diverse ethical ideologies and help the managers to avoid potential conflicts. The study opens the door to perform research in the direction of providing an insight for examining and generating interplay between individualism/ collectivism and idealism/ relativism of managers belonging to different cultures. ...
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Ethics deals with mortality, semantic, ontological and epistemic arrangement of the society. Depending upon the magnitudes of culture, a variation is observed in corporate ethical values which are depicted in idealism and relativism in ethical decision making (Karande et al, 2002)…
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