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First World War Bachelor

The war was won by the Allied Powers and the results of the defeat of the Central Powers resulted in their dismantling. Germany had a particular bad shape after the war with the controversial Versailles treaty. It lost is overseas empire and new states such as Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Hungary and Yugoslavia were created in Europe.
The war was fought on land, sea and fir the first time in air. This war resulted in great devastation resulting in the deaths of more that nine million soldiers in the various battlefields, much more millions in the civilians who perished. As a result of the war people's life changed dramatically as the optimism which came with the many changes in the early 1900's was completely lost. Those who had fought in the war became what is known as "the Lost Generation" as they never fully recovered from the effects of the war and their experiences in the war was unlike any thing anyone had thus far experienced. The years after the war saw Europe mourning with memorials being erected in thousands of villages and towns
Though many think that the outcomes of the Second World War, contributed to the present world situation, it is the events which happene ...
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This paper looks into the well-known works of David Fromlin and Hew Francis Anthony Strachan in order to understand how the first world war contributed to the formation of world states as we see them today and also how it has been the cause of much of the tension that we see today in different parts of the world.
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