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Essay example - Islamic Sharia Law in Present Day Nigeria

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Conversion to Islam began as far back as the eleventh century A.D., in the northeast kingdom of Kanem-Borno. Through the activities of missionaries and Islamic traders from North Africa, Islam began to spread slowly in this area. Among the Hausa, Islam began to spread from the fourteenth century and brought a law to be followed by all the Muslims of Nigeria called 'Sharia' law which is still followed in cities like Kano, Katsina, and Zaria as they were the famous Islamic centers at that time…

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Whether devout or not, the rulers benefited from the opportunities associated with Islam: the wealth of the transSaharan trade, the spread of ideas from North Africa, and the ability to forge diplomatic relations with Muslim rulers elsewhere.
Islam an established system of public revenue based on tax and a judiciary based on the Sharia law and the alkali courts, started presided over by learned Islamic jurists. The Islamic jurispudence or Sharia law was allowed to be followed, but people started to practice it by combining the sharia laws with their new existing beliefs and this was obviously in their own interest as they were used to mould their religion accordingly.
No doubt Sharia has always been a notion of conflict among Muslims and Christians in Nigeria. As Islam was being introduced into northern Nigeria in the 14th century, Muslims applied the Islamic law Sharia to their everyday lifestyle as they were bound to do so being Muslims and even those Muslims who were in favor of religious freedom, they also felt it hard to cope up with the 'Sharia' law.
The conflict started with the advent of British rule, when the Muslims started feeling unsecured with a disrupted legal system because Nigerian Muslims particular ...
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