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Terrorism over the world

Instead, governments are busy gearing up defences against faceless terrorism. World had been sceptical about the 'intelligence' which saw things that never existed in Iraq and intelligence failure is considered to be one the main problems in terrorism. It is interesting that highly equipped, well endowed intelligence agencies have miserably failed in areas like Afghanistan and Iraq. There is a practical reason behind it. Western intelligence cannot employ westerners who are stunningly conspicuous and agencies are forced to employ locals. Some of the locals mislead purposely, or due to lack of co-ordination, training, language disabilities, information goes awry. Intelligence agencies have to rely upon them for their sources in alien countries. Failure in collecting relevant, timely and genuine information had been the root cause of many problems, including Iraq
Conducting wars on terror in far-flung lands, adjusting to local conditions and weather, making decisions independently in unfamiliar atmosphere as against the abundant knowledge of inhabitants that local terrorists possess, had been not only expensive, but also erroneous, uncertain and at times deplorable. ...
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After probably 1990, no other word ruled the world as did terrorism. The distant terrorism in the form of guerrilla warfare in places like Palestine or South America, and Sri Lanka was comparatively a very small portion of the wider picture that Muslim terrorism has released in recent years, with disastrous effects…
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