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Sampling and Continuous Improvement

United States have always been in the forefront of international trade and manufacturing and it wants to keep it that way. Since China started its mass export of goods, US had been worried that it would capture a major chunk of world's exports however US found solace in the fact that Chinese products were of lower quality. However with changing times, China has started to develop low cost and yet high quality products to challenge US in the international market.
The study conducted by Industry Week magazine on the comparison of Chinese and American manufacturers have identified important developments in the inputs that largely contribute to China's inevitable success. The article "Manufacturers Like Us" by David Drickhamer gives us important insights in this subject.
According to the article, Chinese manufacturers have become increasingly competitive over the past decade. Their strict management practices and performance metrics show the proof of such changes. Also US makes china's industry revolution much more prominent by referring to them as Enemy Number 1.
The two basic reasons for the increasing competitive advantage of Chinese manufacturers have been described as cheap labor and much more efficient mach ...
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Manufacturing a product is the result of a production process that starts with inputs being converted into suitable forms and ends with making final products through different processes. The production function of any manufacturing company includes the basic four input factors:
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