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foundation of scholarship

1)" and the end of nation states.
Since the time of their emergence national states have always been among the key participants in the world economy. However, the time when nation states were highly effective in creation of wealth is over, and nation states of this epoch have turned into simple mechanisms of wealth distribution. The function of wealth creation has shifted toward and distributed among four forces, namely: investment, corporations, consumers, and information technology. Ohmae does a really great job explaining capital and organizational benefit from the advanced modern instruments of communication thus facilitating international transaction and how modern type of consumers affects the flow of goods and services.
As a result, investments have ceased to be domestically driven and become so profit driven, that even the nation states increasingly invest abroad these days instead of reinforcing their domestic potential. Similarly, industries and corporations also do not perceive the state interests as the primary guideline in their operations and become increasingly involved in transnational activities. ...
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Kenichi Ohmae's book, The End of the Nation-State, represents a solid attempt to profoundly analyze the relationship between the economic globalization and political developments observed in the modern world. The core idea of the book is that states formed on the national and ethnic principles have turned obsolete and irrelevant…
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