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Role of Nuclear Medicine in the Field of Gastrointestinal Diseases

Through imaging the physician can advice the patients with such diseases the cure and treatment. With the help of Nuclear Medicine Imaging, the imaging of IBD may be performed with In-111Leukocytes and Tc-99m Leukocytes. Nuclear Imaging can assess the conditions and situation of the gastrointestinal tract of the patient. With detailed observation the physician can advice the patients on what medicine to take to cure the said disease.
Medicine is the science and art concerned with treating diseases so with preservation of one's health. It is a branch of healing art that deals with restoration of life and curing diseases by administration of drugs. Medicine is a very wide subject but it all includes all the sciences that are under the healing art and all varieties of curative treatment. Not only is it all about treating but also about preventive and the discussion of causation (Universal Encyclopedia, 1993).
The development and classification of medical science have proceeded by gradual steps from very early times. The year 1543 marks an important point in the development of modern medicine. It was Andreas Versalius who published De Humani Corposis Fabrica (The Fabric of Human Body) in that year. It was a first great achievement for in that book the real structure of human body was revealed. ...
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Medicine is a broad subject. Within its range of subject diversity is the field of Nuclear Medicine. This is actually under Radiology and is a very promising procedure in determining internal diseases. This diagnosis uses radiopharmaceutical substances to be able to have a nuclear medicine imaging of the organs checked…
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