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Class Work - Personal Statement Example

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High school
Personal Statement
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Modern life provides the students with greater choices of their academic pursuits. This is especially important in the case of female student who were not given any role in the decision making with regard to their studies. Now, even the female students of the new generation can challenge the stereotype concept of their nature…

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Class Work

To clarify the point, I strongly believe that Ross Business School is the best place for me to bring down the stereotype my family hold on women.
I belong to a family that is very much orthodox in its way of thinking about the female role and one of most challenging duties as a modern youth has been to challenge this conventional stereotype of women's role in the society. I realized that I could not obtain very much from this type of life, spending most of my time with friends without a significant progression in my education. This awareness stimulated me to change my education path. Fortunately, I enjoyed the support of some of my elders in this endeavor. Once I was aware of the fact that the American education system gives priority for students' participation, this attracted me to be one of those active-learners instead of the passive-learners. And, obviously, the Ross School of Business has been one of my first preferences as it provides great facilities and opportunities for a student of business and I have been very convinced that my selection would not be affected by the provisions in the college.
However, there have been problems of different type that came from my entire family; old stereotypes about how women are not expected to study abroad except in Singapore - since studying at Singapo ...
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