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Essay example - Diversity in the Workplace (Sociology)

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Diversity in the workplace is a very widely spread characteristics of the organizations and should be viewed from the sociological viewpoint for the development of the strategies, which will exercise the existing diversities for the sake of the general organizational performance and make it as efficient as possible…

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Diversity among the military workers is a challenge itself, but should be also viewed as the number of certain separate aspects and diversities, among which are generation gap, incomes and benefits, communication with civilians, etc. The fact, that 'many large corporations transfer executives and their families to different cities, particularly early in their careers. [] The military is unique in the American labor force in the extent to which it expects its rank-and-file personnel and their families to relocate'. (Segal & Segal, 2004) This creates the principal diversities in the workforce among military. Generation gap is rather common problem among military, as well as among the other kinds of working staff in the country. From the sociological point of view, the principal attention of this aspect should be devoted to relations between the representatives of Generations X and Y. Though both generations display rather comfortable relations with technology, they still tend to have different attitudes towards work as the notion and the co-workers as the social surrounding at workplace. In the military workforce, where the changes in surroundings occur more frequently due to the geographical and movable character of the military work, it is essential not only to remember the differences, but to manage these differences effectively. ...
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