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Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

Statistics is a mathematical method which aid in the processing of pertinent information and decision making. This application provides methodological tools and are divided into two main areas: The Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics.
Descriptive statistics produces a number or figures to consolidate huge amount of information. For example, an average, is a descriptive statistics. Hence, average of daily intake, average of rainfall, or average body temperature are few examples of descriptive statistics. The role of descriptive statistics is to organize, summarize, and describe the given data. The fundamental idea employed in this type of statistical application is that, it summarizes a set of data with one number or graph. Furthermore, it should be noted that this type of statistics is cannot be used to produce generalizations, but only to summarize the values and to describe data based from one or more samples. , they too are called descriptive.
On the other hand, inferential statistics as the name implies, is purposely to draw conclusions as well as to draw inferences, or to genera ...
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The modern society where people interact with, becomes increasingly sophisticated and complicated. Everyday, individuals are bombarded with conflicts, problems and uncertainties; and in their attempt to arrive at the most ideal solutions, they tend to utilize as much principles, methods, tools and wide-range applications like statistical analysis.
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