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Coyne and Messina Articles, Part 1 Analysis

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Question 1 The aspect of differences that exist in the works of Coyne and his group (2009), as well as Messina and his peers (2009), is premised on the fact that they both carry out different research studies, though these studies seek to identify, address and discuss matters that underpin the issuance of healthcare services and the operation of the healthcare sector.

Role of exercise in the management of osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee or hip and the oral care practices that ICU nurses conduct. Roddy and Ganz Assessments.

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The present paper aims at analyzing two questions in nursing practice using the Roddy and Ganz Assessments worksheets.The questions are as follows: The role of exercise in the management of osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee or hip and the oral care practices that ICU nurses conduct, comparing with present evidence-based practice.

Purchasing Power Parity

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I. Purchasing Power Parity 1) Generating Eviews work file By inspecting the dataset Data_Canada_PPP.xls, it is analysed that the data consists of 3 series Exchange_rate (Canadian dollar to US dollar nominal exchange rate), CPI_Can (Canadian Consumer Price Index) and CPI_US (the US Consumer Price Index) that are observed every month from the year 1990/1 till 2011/3.

Gas Prices: Data Analysis Using Descriptive Statistics

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Gas Prices: Data Analysis Using Descriptive Statistics The price levels of gasoline and other sources of energy vary over time; however, there is a distinct variation in the prices of gasoline according to geographical regions, a fact that can be explained by diverse factors.

Does flexibility in location and time affect behavior towards work?

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The project finds out that there is no much difference on the behavior of employees even with the increased flexibility in time and location of work.

analysis of variance (ANOVA) test

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” In order to answer this question, the following research hypotheses were constructed: H0: µremedial = µgeneral = µcollegeprep H1: The means are not all equal. When considering the results for an Analysis of Variance, certain assumptions have to be met.

Quantative analysis for business

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The technique revolves around five (5) simple steps. These steps are: i. Setting up a probability distribution for each of the three variable – material cost, labor cost and utilities cost ii. Preparing a cumulative probability distribution for each of the three variables iii.

Six Sigma

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Lean 6? – Root Cause Analysis process capability from the external customer’s and VOP perspectives Introduction Six Sigma has emerged as a method of identifying, classifying and solving problems that affect the overall productivity of a business. Large industrial names such as GE and Motorola have proved the efficacy of utilising Six Sigma over and over again.

Do a paper of approximately 1500 words, including the required Minitab output, on a case that allows you to use multiple

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In order to establish a certain relationship between the variables, multiple regression was used. While crimes is the dependent variable, other variables such as state, per capita income, dropouts, average precipitation, public aid recipients, population density, unemployment, percentage of people living in urban areas were considered as independent variable.

Evaluating The Validity Of The PPP Hypothesis – A Time Series Analysis Of The US-UK Exchange Rate.

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Augmented Dickey Fuller unit root test methodology is applied. Additionally, an OLS estimation of a log-linear specification of the nominal exchange rate with the price level differential between the two countries as explanatory variable is also carried out.

Multiple Regression

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We seek to gain an understanding of what socio-economic characteristics of a particular state make it more susceptible to a larger number of property crimes. Data and methodology By using multiple regression analysis, the report is in pursuit of obtaining statistical evidence for or against commonly held beliefs regarding causality of various factors and crime.

Inferential Statistics Paper

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[S] represents the substrate concentration and Km is referred to as the Michealis constant. He above equation has calculated error term denoted as e1 which is associated with deviations in the measured velocities (Sprott, 2001). This paper assumes that this error is insignificant since it is statistically independent and it is a normal distribution within statistical mathematics.

Historical contributions of a Sigmund Frued to the field of psychology. .

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Known as the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud is best known for his tendency to trace nearly all psychological problems back to sexual issues. His former friends became his fiercest critics and eventually turned their backs on him because of the overemphasis of sexuality in his theory.

Relationship between Size of Bills and Number of Days to Collect

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It will provide information that will enable the management of QSCA to obtain an understanding of whether there is a relationship between bill size and the number of days for which payment is overdue. A regression model is prepared with explanation of the variables.


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verall value are fundamental to resource allocation decision making. Corporations’ C-Suite executives have created Business Intelligence (BI) and Client Insights teams in order to become competitive. These teams leverage analytical tools such as simple six sigma efficiency methodologies and powerful third party analytical tools and systems for organizational analytics.

The Use of Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient by Messina and Coyne

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As one reads the study, it becomes clear that the mean for all admissions in teaching and nonteaching hospitals is 19,111 within the time frame of 1999-2003. The range is from 4,513 to 70,465. The mean score for the aggregate patient satisfaction is 82.57 within the five-year timeframe.

Alternative hypothesis or testable hypothesis

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In a mathematical interpretation of this hypothesis, the researcher uses an equal sign to indicate no relationship. This hypothesis is signified by H0. It is the hypothesis that the researcher aims at changing by testing the alternative hypothesis

Salave Project Assignment

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The company submitted an application for underground mining in 2011 to the Spanish government. This report is a post investment appraisal for the project that aims at giving the detailed account of the viability of the project. Salave gold deposit includes five mineral concessions covering a 433ha land.

Problem Solving-Research Paper

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For the results of the study conducted on the sample to be held true for the entire population, the sample should be a representative sample – that is, it should possess the same characteristics as the entire population, or as close to it as possible. A statistic is a characteristic that describes a sample; a parameter is a characteristic that describes a population.

Hypothesis testing

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It is one of the two main activities of inferential statistics.During the process of hypothesis testing systematic procedures are utilized.These procedures involve the use of standard terms such as null hypothesis,alternative hypothesis,level of significance,test statistic;and conditions such as accept the null hypothesis if the statement is true or reject the null hypothesis if the statement is not true.

Ethical Guidelines

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It is therefore important that clients, researchers, policymakers, clients journalists and the general public to undertake statistical practice in accordance to these guidelines.

Research Proposal on the Influence of Gender and Age on Cyber Bulling

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This will be a research work that will set out to among other things achieve a number of purposes. The researcher shall examine the relationship between cyber bullying and change in age. In addition, the researcher shall investigate how bullying or victimization affects the child’s heath system. The research shall have a purpose of identifying different cyber bullying coping mechanisms that can be put in place to help fight cyber bullying and its effects among males in both primary and secondary school, educators.

Is there a relationship between age and gender with PTSD symptoms?

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Some of the characteristic symptoms often closely associated with PTSD include but not limited to: nightmares, difficulty with staying or falling asleep, hypervigilance, anger, avoidance of any stimuli that is associated with trauma and increased arousal (Briere et al, 2001).

Research Proposal: Identify a Researchable Problem

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Abstract The paper identifies a research problem in relation to a topic to be investigated. It explains how the selected problem guides the research study. Depending on the research problem, primary and secondary research questions are formulated, which will be appropriately used in the quantitative research design for the study.

Relationship between Number of Enrollees and Number of Graduates of US Medical Schools

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Relationship between Number of Enrollees and Number of Graduates of US Medical Schools.Abstract There has been a noted consistent trend in the number of enrollees and the number of graduates in US medical schools. This observation is investigated using data gathered from 30 US medical schools.

Description of Step-Wise Multiple Regression statistic test.

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Introduction Stepwise regression is a partial-automated process of constructing a model by sequentially including or eliminating variables based only on the t-statistics values of their predicted coefficients. It is specifically functional for straining through large amounts of possible independent variables and/or calibrating a model by thrusting variables in or out.

Quantitative Research on Marathon Times

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This paper sought to find out whether the performance of marathon is linked to age, athlete’s level of fitness (expert runner, beginner), fuel (carbohydrates), weather in the course of the marathon, and the miles ran during training per week. The study involved 15 marathon runners.

Experiment to Test the Sensory Discrimination of a Friend

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The researcher intends to determine if there is any significant association, which is also referred to as contingency, between our two classifications. It relies on seven sources and is in APA format. Running head: EXPERIMENT TO TEST THE SENSORY DISCRIMINATION OF A FRIEND Experiment to Test the Sensory Discrimination of a Friend [Name] [Name of school] [Name of supervisor] [Date of submission] Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is to investigate if a subject has sensory discrimination on the test products namely Dominos Meatzza Feast and Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s pizza.

Obesity In Children

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Obesity in children in the United States has increased over the past years making it into a crisis. In America, Obese children have become a major area of concern because they are on the track to lead a life of poor health throughout their adult lives.

Computational MCMC Bayesian Inference

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MCMC takes a Bayesian approach to conduct the essential mathematical integration using simulation. In the Bayesian inference framework, probability estimation is used to quantify the uncertainty in the parameters (Chen, 2010). The data is certain and is considered fixed.

The Role That Statistics plays in the Healhcare Industry

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On the other hand, statistics is concerned with the collecting, organizing, summarizing and analyzing data according to McLean (2003). Statistics is vital in every healthcare organization since it is all about decision making which is also important if these organization.

Geodemographic report using SPSS

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Geodemographic systems use the collective profile of a community in a small area in order to assess the most likely characteristics of people. With increased research on the subject, clustering techniques developed which assisted in statistically categorizing neighbourhoods into groups that shared similar characteristics (Spielman & Thill, 2008).

Any topic concerning government (economy, u.s census, presidential election, congress bill)

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This brief paper will present a research design to study a number of factors that are associated with rates of bullying in order to suggest an experimental statistical research project that can be used to outline the problem and suggest possible solutions.

Does Having a Strong Defense Make you an NBA Playoff Teams

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Advances in statistics have gained from both simple and sophisticated methods for evaluating variable relations and continuing on to establish how significant relationships between these variables are. In this paper, the relationship between a strong defense and entering the NBA playoffs will be evaluated.

statistical modelling..BUSINESS REPORT

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This is done by introducing a model for predicting this relationship using regression. The influencing factors can be termed as the characteristics for regression. These characteristics, gathered for regression, are of two types namely the home characteristics and the neighborhood characteristics.

The personal income and wealth levels in the United Kingdom.

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It has been suggested over time that personal income and wealth levels have become skewed to favour those at the top. Consequently, wealth levels have increased in significant amounts for people who were already at the top tiers of personal income and wealth.

Atrial Fibrillation

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Atrial Fibrillation Introduction Atrial fibrillation is a cardiac rhythm disorder which accounts for the substantial risk of mortality and morbidity from stroke and thromboembolism (Lip, Nieuwlaat, Pisters& Lane, 2010, 263). Various clinical tools have been identified to classify risks of stroke and thromboembolism among patients with atrial fibrillation however, not all potential risk factors were addressed in those clinical tools and studies.

Introduction to Estimation and Analysis of Variance

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When we have three or more groups that seem to differ on a single variable, and we wish to measure the significance of this difference; we use a statistic called the One – Way Analysis or Variance or ANOVA. The One -Way ANOVA is a statistical method of determining whether the difference between different groups is a function o the variable that has been systematically altered across the groups; or whether the observed difference is an inconsequential difference when extrapolated to the population at large.

Fear Crime Report

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Introduction The report focuses on the survey of safety of the people in the town of Kingston, and the rate of crime that occurs in that area. Given that the United Kingdom is the safest place in town due to security policies enforced like implementation of closed circuit television in all public areas, then expected that the crime rate should be below the average.

Theory Critique Paper:

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This critique paper is literally meant to criticize the reasoning of the authors in the given articles. This criticism will assist the student in the development of thinking and critical reading skills. In this discussion, the criticism will be based on the following articles.

Marketing Research Report: IBM

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According to the Overall Server Market Standings, by Vendor, HP held the number 1 position in the worldwide server market with 31.5 percent factory revenue share. IBM however held the number 2 spot with 29.2 percent share for the quarter as factory revenue increased 22.1 percent compared to 1Q10.

The term paper is mostly a critique of Graddy's paper

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The contention of the article is that prices in African American neighborhoods and in general in impoverished neighborhoods tend to be higher than those found in higher socio-economic neighborhoods that are primarily a population of Caucasians. Graddy believes that this issue has been greatly under studied and overlooked in discussions about pricing differences and retail outlets, even though this issue has been discussed for the disparities found in labor markets and in the housing sector.


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The other included variables, i.e., advertisement in newspaper and square of the same turn out to be insignificant implying there is not enough evidence to establish that the coefficients on these variables are statistically significant from zero. The parameters to measure the impact of changes in levels of the variables while the parameters to measure the impact of changes in the squares of the variables.

Linking Research Design, Research Problem, and Research Questions

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Qualitative research was in the past restricted to research linked with social sciences. However, it is now more widely used in other fields to provide an in-depth understanding of how human beings behave and the reasons to justify that behaviour. Qualitative research answers questions in the form of ‘how’ and ‘why?

Business Statistics: Decision of Uncertainty Paper

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From my experience, I have found out that using probability theory is a very good means of assistance if investors use it properly. However, one must be extremely careful in selecting the right data. If the right data is not selected then the results obtained from computing that data will be nowhere near accurate and this will lead to wrong business decisions.

A review on software industry in the Gulf region

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Gulf region has lately started its march towards an indigenous software industry to stop the drainage of precious resources in terms of software imports and economic growth and stability in the region. However, the identification of areas where rule driven software industry framework can evolve remains unclear even in developed countries, like OECD member states.

A Simulated Research Study

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This paper analyzes the share prices of two major competitors in the soft drinks industry, Pepsi Company Limited and Coca Cola Limited. This analysis will focus on the share data for the two companies for a period of five years, beginning in May 1, 2007 to May 1, 2012.

Aggressive Breast Cancer Vs.Suicide Rates.

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This is a study aimed to compare the relationship of the suicides rates with aggressive breast cancer. Aggressive breast cancer is has been mentioned to lead to depression, therefore I seek to establish where patients of this form of breast cancer are prone to commit suicide.

Quantitative and Analytical Techniques for Managers

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The mean of the Gross Fixed Capital Formation per Capita in 2007 (Yuan) is10853.088, Median is 8947.050 and there is no mode for this data set. On the other hand, the measure of central tendency of the Gross Regional Product per Capita 2007 (Yuan) includes the mean, 21973.419, median, 16206.000 but no mode, rage is 60161, and standard deviation is 13987.063.

Research proposal for female and management positions

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This is to be done while maintaining their vital cultural identities along with heritage as they adopt the best western practices. The women in the region form only 20% of their public sector, and this is mainly in the government and the educational sector.
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